Can University-Community Partnerships Revolutionise Agricultural Research Communication?

Key Takeaways
  • CFAES Knowledge Exchange is a university-community partnership to simplify research findings from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.
  • The initiative uses innovative tools like interactive interfaces, stories, infographics, and animations to present their research findings effectively.
  • This startup company aims to redefine agricultural research communication, encouraging more public engagement and better decision making in related spheres.

In the intersection of education, agriculture, and technology is where you’ll find the CFAES Knowledge Exchange. Based in Columbus, Ohio, this innovative startup is bringing a profound change to agricultural research communication. Forming a bridge between universities and communities, their main aim is to distill complex research outputs into accessible public knowledge. They are directly linked to The Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and work around translating their research reports into comprehensible information.

The CFAES Knowledge Exchange is not just about simple translation of research; they are about creative and interactive communication. The initiative gives a wider audience – from educators and researchers to decision-makers and the public – an engaging platform to understand these findings. They do this through a variety of tools including stories, infographics, and even animations, to help bring research to life.

Differentiating the CFAES Knowledge Exchange from other startups is its unique blend of research, education, and technology to shape public knowledge. They have successfully removed the ‘middle-man’ and made research findings directly accessible to the broader audience. With this, they have managed to foster a unique connection between researchers from The Ohio State University and the general public. In essence, this startup is making academic research less academic and more public oriented, which is a significant shift from traditional methods.

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Furthermore, the use of interactive tools and innovative solutions enhance user experience and involvement. This is what primarily differentiates the CFAES Knowledge Exchange, as they make academic research not just accessible but also engaging. In doing this, they are encouraging a more educated society that can make informed decisions based on scientific research, which is an often overlooked, yet vital part of community development.

Looking ahead, the CFAES Knowledge Exchange is revolutionizing the way agricultural research is communicated, and this has potential implications for the future. Their approach to bringing research findings from laboratories to living rooms could set a precedent for other domains besides agriculture. As the digital age progresses, more sectors could use interactive and engaging methods to communicate their research, thus making a society more informed and education more accessible.

Follow the future progress of CFAES Knowledge Exchange by visiting their website, or connect with them on their socials at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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