Exploring Tokyo’s Thriving Service Industry: 15 Innovative Companies Shaping the Future


Tokyo, the bustling metropolis of Japan, is home to a vibrant service industry that showcases the country’s culture of innovation. In this article, we will delve into 15 remarkable companies at the forefront of Tokyo’s service sector. From unmanned solutions to career counseling, and from augmented realities to energy market liquidity, these companies are revolutionizing the way businesses cater to customer needs. Join us on a journey to discover the diverse and exciting landscape of Tokyo’s service industry.

Living Tech:

Living Tech pioneers unmanned solutions for the accommodation business, providing automated services and seamless experiences to guests.


Meetcareer offers online counseling services for career planning, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their professional paths.

Ax Robotix:

Ax Robotix specializes in developing cutting-edge products to enhance sleep quality, contributing to overall well-being.


Holo-X delivers augmented, virtual, and mixed reality services, creating immersive experiences that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Real Tech Holdings:

Real Tech Holdings is an R&D-based technology company that focuses on social implementation, addressing various societal challenges.


enechain plays a crucial role in Japan’s energy market by providing liquidity through brokering OTC transactions.


RIMO leverages artificial intelligence to offer automatic transcription services, saving time and enhancing productivity for businesses.


DIGITAL SHIFT revolutionizes human resource management, streamlining processes to effectively manage the workforce.

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Deltan is a renowned orthodontic service provider based in Minato, offering advanced orthodontic solutions for beautiful smiles and improved oral health.


COSOJI develops a service that connects local real estate-related work with the community, fostering engagement and collaboration.


MC DIGITAL is a digital platform accelerating progress across various industries through innovative solutions.


Alphable offers a wide range of men’s grooming products along with professional photography services.


Smoo operates know-how sharing services that facilitate business exchanges and foster collaboration.


NEWJI is a cloud service automating cost reduction in the manufacturing industry, enabling efficient operations.


Souzoh specializes in planning, developing, and operating internet services that cater to diverse customer needs.


Tokyo’s service industry is a hotbed of innovation, and these 15 companies are leading the charge in transforming customer experiences. From unmanned solutions to advanced technologies and digital platforms, Tokyo’s service sector continues to push boundaries and shape the future. As the city thrives with entrepreneurial spirit, these companies serve as beacons of inspiration, driving progress and redefining the service industry landscape in Tokyo and beyond.

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