Startup Showcase: Byos – Delivering Edge Microsegmentation for Secure Remote Endpoints

In today’s connected world, organizations face increasing risks to their cybersecurity as employees and devices connect to untrusted networks. Byos, a startup based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is helping organizations protect themselves from these risks with their edge microsegmentation solution. Byos allows employees, contractors, and devices to safely and securely connect to any network, regardless of their location or network environment.

The Byos Solution: Plug-and-Play Secure Edge

The patented Byos solution is a plug-and-play Secure Edge, built to provide secure connectivity for the remote/roaming workforce and connected devices. The Byos µGateway™ provides protection from OSI layers 1 to 5, isolating the connected endpoint onto its own protected micro-segment of one within the local network. This means that even if the network the endpoint connects to is compromised, the endpoint is still protected.

Centralized Management for Simple Policy Provisioning and Threat Reporting

Byos provides centralized management across a fleet of remote endpoints, allowing for simple policy provisioning, threat reporting, and security for legacy endpoints. This is particularly important as the number of remote workers continues to rise. With Byos, administrators can ensure that all endpoints are protected and can quickly respond to any potential threats.

Silicon Valley Investors and Advisors Backing Byos

Byos is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and advisors, highlighting the potential for the company to grow and succeed in the cybersecurity industry. With headquarters in Halifax, Canada, and sourcing and manufacturing all components in North America, Byos is poised to make an impact in the cybersecurity market.

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Safe to Connect, Free to Work

Byos’ solution ensures that work from home, traveling, and remote workforces are Safe to Connect, and Free to Work. This allows organizations to continue to operate efficiently while keeping their employees and data secure.


Byos is a startup that is making waves in the cybersecurity industry by delivering a unique edge microsegmentation solution for remote endpoints. With centralized management and protection from OSI layers 1 to 5, Byos provides a comprehensive solution for organizations that need to ensure the security of their remote workforce. With the backing of leading Silicon Valley investors and advisors, Byos is poised for success in the cybersecurity market.




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