Startup Showcase: Pregenerate – Revolutionizing Arthritis Treatment Through Disease-on-a-Chip Models

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest innovations from groundbreaking startups around the globe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we are thrilled to introduce you to Pregenerate, a Vienna-based company that is transforming the landscape of drug development and personalized medicine for arthritis using state-of-the-art disease-on-a-chip models. Embracing this innovative approach, Pregenerate is not only advancing pharmaceutical research but also ensuring a brighter future for arthritis patients worldwide.

A Leap Beyond Animal Testing: Disease-on-a-Chip Model

Pregenerate is leading the charge in the field of pharmaceutical research by revolutionizing the way drugs are developed and tested. Their core technology involves “disease-on-a-chip” models, scalable platforms that replicate the intricate physiological conditions of human organs on tiny microchips. These models allow researchers to simulate the behavior of human cells and tissues, offering a more accurate and reliable alternative to traditional animal testing. The implications of this technology are profound. By eliminating the need for animal testing, Pregenerate not only ensures more ethical research practices but also saves pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars in research and development costs. Moreover, the use of human cells in their disease-on-a-chip models significantly improves the success rates of drugs during clinical trials, ultimately expediting the delivery of effective treatments to patients in need.

Transforming Arthritis Treatment: A Personalized Approach

Arthritis affects millions of people worldwide, and traditional treatment methods often employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Pregenerate is changing the game by empowering precision medicine, where treatments are tailored to individual patients based on their specific needs. By using their disease-on-a-chip models, Pregenerate can stratify patients into targeted treatment subgroups, allowing physicians to select the most suitable treatment for each patient’s unique condition. Imagine a future where arthritis patients receive personalized treatment plans, maximizing the effectiveness of therapies while minimizing potential side effects. With Pregenerate’s innovative technology, this future is closer than ever.

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The Vision: A Better Future for Arthritis Patients

At its core, Pregenerate is driven by a vision to improve the lives of arthritis patients worldwide. By combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to ethical and patient-centric research, they are taking significant strides towards achieving this goal. The potential impact of their disease-on-a-chip models extends far beyond arthritis, as the platform can be adapted for other diseases, bringing hope to patients suffering from various medical conditions. Pregenerate’s dedication to research and development has led to numerous breakthroughs, and they continue to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and healthcare providers to make their vision a reality. With every new discovery, they move closer to a future where personalized medicine is the standard, and patients receive treatments tailored to their unique needs.


Pregenerate’s pioneering work in accelerating drug development and advancing personalized medicine for arthritis is both groundbreaking and inspiring. By replacing animal testing with their disease-on-a-chip models, they have set a new standard for ethical research practices while driving innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. With their sights set on a future where precision medicine is accessible to all, Pregenerate continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through their dedication, commitment, and cutting-edge technology, they are transforming the lives of arthritis patients and reshaping the landscape of healthcare for the better.


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