Startup Showcase: Transine Therapeutics Revolutionizing Protein Regulation for Unprecedented Disease Treatment

In the realm of biotechnology, Transine Therapeutics stands out as a pioneering force, harnessing the power of targeted translation enhancers called SINEUPs® to upregulate protein expression. With a focus on neurological and ophthalmologic disorders, Transine Therapeutics is reshaping the landscape of disease treatment by extending the druggable proteome. This startup showcase will delve into the groundbreaking technology developed by Transine Therapeutics, revealing how their innovative approach holds the potential to address diseases previously beyond the reach of conventional therapies.

Revolutionizing Protein Expression with SINEUPs®

Transine Therapeutics is at the forefront of developing a novel class of therapeutic RNAs known as SINEUPs®. These targeted translation enhancers hold the key to an unprecedented level of control and specificity in upregulating protein expression. Unlike traditional approaches, such as small molecules, biologics, or gene therapies, SINEUPs® enable the modulation of protein levels with remarkable precision.

Expanding the Druggable Proteome

One of the most significant challenges in therapeutic development is the limited range of targetable proteins. Many diseases remain difficult to treat due to their association with proteins that have proven elusive to conventional interventions. Transine Therapeutics aims to overcome this hurdle by significantly expanding the druggable proteome through the application of SINEUPs®. By unlocking the potential to modulate previously undruggable proteins, the company paves the way for novel therapeutic possibilities.

Targeted Therapy for CNS and Ophthalmologic Disorders

Transine Therapeutics has a particular focus on central nervous system (CNS) and ophthalmologic disorders. These conditions often involve intricate protein dysregulation mechanisms that have eluded effective treatment options. By leveraging the power of SINEUPs®, Transine Therapeutics aims to address these diseases at their core by restoring proper protein expression levels. Their innovative approach holds promise for conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases, ocular disorders, and other CNS-related ailments.

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Applications in Multiple Therapy Areas

Beyond CNS and ophthalmologic disorders, Transine Therapeutics’ platform holds vast potential in multiple therapy areas. By providing a novel mechanism of action, SINEUPs® can pave the way for new treatment strategies across a wide range of diseases. The company’s technology opens doors to target proteins involved in cancer, rare genetic disorders, autoimmune diseases, and various other challenging conditions. Transine Therapeutics envisions a future where SINEUPs® become an integral part of the therapeutic arsenal against complex diseases.


Transine Therapeutics is revolutionizing the field of protein regulation with their pioneering SINEUPs® technology. By enabling the precise upregulation of protein expression, they are extending the druggable proteome and unlocking new possibilities for therapeutic intervention. With a focus on CNS and ophthalmologic disorders, Transine Therapeutics aims to address previously hard-to-treat diseases and improve patients’ lives. However, the impact of their groundbreaking platform extends far beyond these areas, offering potential applications in a multitude of therapy fields.



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