Unveiling Alberta’s Thriving E-Commerce Landscape: 15 Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Online Shopping

Discover the diverse range of Alberta-based E-Commerce startups transforming the way we shop and experience convenience.

Alberta, Canada, is emerging as a hub for groundbreaking E-Commerce companies that are redefining the online shopping landscape. With their innovative approaches and commitment to customer satisfaction, these startups are reshaping the way consumers interact with products and services. In this article, we will introduce you to 15 fascinating E-Commerce companies in Alberta that are paving the way for a more seamless and convenient shopping experience.

Fly and Fetch:

Fly and Fetch is an exciting online peer-to-peer shipping marketplace that connects travelers with individuals looking to ship items worldwide. Their platform leverages the power of social networks to facilitate safe and reliable shipping, revolutionizing the logistics industry.


Doortender is an innovative platform enabling customers to order alcoholic beverages online and enjoy free home delivery services. With a vast selection of drinks and a user-friendly interface, Doortender simplifies the process of stocking up on your favorite spirits.

Local Shops:

Local Shops brings the charm of local businesses to the global market. By curating a collection of unique products from local stores, this E-Commerce platform enables customers to support small businesses while discovering one-of-a-kind items from around the world.

ALGI Foods:

ALGI Foods is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by creating innovative products using algae as a key ingredient. Their sustainable approach and dedication to high-quality ingredients make them a game-changer in the health-conscious E-Commerce market.

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Mundii offers a wide range of farm-fresh foods through their online store, coupled with efficient on-demand delivery services. By supporting local farmers and providing a convenient shopping experience, Mundii ensures that customers can enjoy fresh and nutritious meals with ease.

Return Guru

We come to you: Return Guru is a marketplace technology company that streamlines the returns process for businesses and customers alike. Their user-friendly platform offers hassle-free returns, boosting customer satisfaction and enhancing overall E-Commerce efficiency.

ChicBear Boutique:

ChicBear Boutique combines an E-Commerce boutique with its own clothing line, offering fashion-forward individuals a seamless shopping experience. With a carefully curated collection of trendy and unique clothing items, ChicBear Boutique ensures that style and convenience go hand in hand.


Dianomix is a manufacturer specializing in last-mile delivery solutions using autonomous delivery robots. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Dianomix aims to enhance the speed and efficiency of E-Commerce logistics, providing customers with lightning-fast delivery options.


Carbeeza is an online platform that connects consumers and dealers, facilitating a fully informed interaction. Their goal is to create a transparent and efficient marketplace where customers can confidently make their automotive purchases.


pronto is a virtual studio streamlining product photography for eCommerce brands. By offering high-quality images and a seamless workflow, pronto helps businesses enhance their online presence and drive sales.

Commerce Owl:

Commerce Owl provides an online platform for food companies to publish their food-related content. With a focus on enhancing engagement and boosting sales, Commerce Owl helps businesses reach their target audience and build a loyal customer base.

Menu Mandala Ltd.:

Menu Mandala Ltd. offers ready-to-eat meal delivery through their E-Commerce platform. With a variety of delicious and nutritious meals, Menu Mandala simplifies the process of enjoying restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home.

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Hair Care Canada:

Hair Care Canada is an online store that offers a wide range of hair care and beauty products. With their extensive selection and expert advice, Hair Care Canada ensures that customers can find the perfect products to maintain their hair’s health and beauty.


SweetnFresh is a bread and baked goods delivery platform that connects customers with their local bakeries. By supporting local businesses and delivering freshly baked goods to customers’ doorsteps, SweetnFresh brings the aroma and taste of freshly baked treats to every home.


Leafify is an online plant store that sources from local Canadian greenhouses and delivers a variety of plants right to customers’ doors. With their commitment to sustainability and a wide selection of greenery, Leafify helps customers bring nature into their homes effortlessly.


Alberta’s E-Commerce scene is teeming with innovation and creativity. The 15 companies mentioned above are at the forefront of this transformation, catering to diverse customer needs while enhancing the convenience and accessibility of online shopping. Whether it’s peer-to-peer shipping, alcohol delivery, supporting local businesses, or embracing sustainable practices, these startups are redefining the E-Commerce landscape in Alberta, Canada. As they continue to thrive and evolve, they contribute to an exciting future of digital commerce and personalized shopping experiences.

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