Unveiling Jakarta Raya’s Dynamic Software Ecosystem: 15 Intriguing Companies Revolutionizing Tech

Exploring Jakarta Raya's Software Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scene


Jakarta Raya, Indonesia’s vibrant capital region, is bustling with an array of innovative startups that are redefining the software landscape. From cutting-edge conversational commerce tools to revolutionary logistics solutions, these companies are transforming industries and driving economic growth. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 of the most interesting software companies in Jakarta Raya, each with its unique vision and mission to make a lasting impact.


Otoklix specializes in the automotive aftermarket industry, providing software solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses operating in this sector. Their innovative software is tailored to cater to the specific needs of automotive enterprises.


KEYTA is the go-to keyboard for online sellers, offering a conversational commerce tool that facilitates seamless communication between sellers and customers. With their software, businesses can enhance customer interactions and boost sales.


Selleri’s mobile app and social commerce solutions are empowering businesses to connect with customers on social media platforms. By providing an engaging mobile experience, they enable sellers to expand their market reach.

Blitz Electric Mobility:

Blitz Electric Mobility offers logistics solutions powered by electric vehicles and fleet optimization software. Through their innovative B2B model, they are driving sustainability and efficiency in the transportation industry.


Moodah provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Management Systems, and Business Intelligence tools. Their software enables businesses to manage operations effectively.

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Luna POS:

Luna POS offers cloud-based cashier, inventory management, and accounting solutions tailored to meet the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia.


Duitin is a pioneer in developing digital waste management platforms that promote environmental sustainability and efficiency.


Rekava.build is a startup company developing engineering and design software that aids engineers in creating innovative solutions.


TapTalk.io offers a complete in-app chat Software Development Kit (SDK) and messaging API that enhances user engagement and communication within applications.


Monago focuses on modernizing legacy platforms by providing API-first solutions that foster innovation and scalability.


Semesta aims to build meaningful connections, not only in business but also on a human level, through their innovative software offerings.


Kudoku is dedicated to solving financial industry challenges in Indonesia through innovative software solutions.

Titans Tech:

Titans Tech is a digital reality curator and platform, pioneering immersive experiences through their cutting-edge software.

Gema Inovasi Teknologi:

Gema Inovasi Teknologi provides state-of-the-art human resources technology and solutions to businesses, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

Solusi Tiga Selaras:

Solusi Tiga Selaras offers innovative contact center solutions, including omnichannel customer experience tools, to optimize customer interactions.


Jakarta Raya’s software ecosystem is teeming with creativity and innovation, with these 15 startups at the forefront of change. From automotive aftermarket solutions to digital waste management platforms, each company brings its unique flair to the software industry. As they continue to grow and evolve, these companies exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship, driving Indonesia’s tech sector to new heights of success and recognition on the global stage.

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