Which Egyptian Fintech Startups Are Transforming the Financial Landscape in 2023?

Advancements in the financial sector are reshaping the economic landscape, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the bustling FinTech scene in Egypt – the largest Arab nation. These startups and companies are not only driving economic development but also increasing financial inclusivity, creating jobs, and addressing various societal challenges. In this piece, we zero in on some of Egypt’s most ground-breaking FinTech companies, tracing their journeys and achievements. The nation that once stood as the nexus of civilization is now on the cusp of a technological revolution.

From handling credit card debt to enabling seamless money transfers, from blending renewables with finance to crafting cutting-edge solutions that amalgamate application programming interfaces (APIs), and even venture capitalists that bet on these innovators, these 15 companies are influencing an industrial shift that is swiftly changing the nature of finance. Whether at the grassroots level or in the boardrooms, these companies are leading Egypt’s march into a sophisticated finance-led digital ecosystem.

From microenterprises to large-scale corporations, people’s increasingly digital lives necessitate inclusive and nimble financial systems. The innovations developed by these Egyptian companies are helping bridge this gap, making finance more accessible and easy-to-use than ever before. Here’s a look at the movers and shakers spearheading Egypt’s FinTech drive.


Dayra‘s tagline, ‘the fastest and easiest way to send money in Egypt,’ is the essence of its service. The provision of a frictionless experience for users to send and receive money makes it a standout player in the Egyptian FinTech landscape.

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As an investment firm, Nclude has a different role to play in the FinTech ecosystem. Its influence stems from its commitment to financial inclusion and fintech innovation, shaping the industry by injecting much-needed capital into promising ventures.


The traditional savings method known as ROSCA is encapsulated in an app thanks to ElGameya. The Collaborative Lending and Saving solution now has a digital twist, making this a particularly innovative disruptor within the Egyptian FinTech scene.


The unique value proposition of CirclePay lies in its ability to help marketplaces and firms connect with customers via multiple payment gateways, thereby streamlining transactions and widening their reach.

Camel Ventures

Camel Ventures, based in Cairo, is an Impact Venture Capital Fund with a sharp focus on investing in promising FinTech startups not just in Egypt but across Africa. They are on a mission to propel the region’s FinTech landscape forward, one investment at a time.


CreditFins sees itself as a financial ally, offering services that help you save money, manage, and pay off credit card debt. They aim to help consumers attain financial freedom, a novel and mindful approach to finance in the digital age.


At Syn, renewable energy and fintech come together. The world’s first Renewables Fintech is setting itself up to access a vast market nearing USD 3 trillion.

Tharwa Crowd

Tharwa Crowd blends real estate and crowdfunding into an innovative platform. It democratizes access to real estate investment, making it more inclusive and direct.

Cubit Ventures

Cubit Ventures is a seed-stage venture fund that brings capital and backing to promising tech startups in Egypt and North Africa, creating a robust ecosystem within which FinTech innovation can thrive.

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7WL is revolutionizing the process of remittances in the Egyptian market by digitizing it. It’s a simple mobile app redefining the paradigm of monetary transfers.


It’s all about integrations for Underlie. This IT company uses APIs to enhance the integration of online apps from banks and fintech companies, streamlining operations and making financial transactions seamless.

Axis Pay

Axis Pay is dedicated to developing digital products that increase financial tools’ accessibility, thereby amplifying financial inclusivity and making banking easier for end-users.

PIE Consulting

PIE Consulting is where financing, investment, and business growth for startups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) get an impetus. Through a dedicated M&A advisory platform, they fuel the growth of upcoming ventures.

Tal2a Pay

Tal2a Pay is a pioneering Electronic Payment Network that offers financial services to both consumers and businesses, making electronic transactions quicker and smoother.


Finally, there’s CreditGo, a payment aggregator specifically tailored for small businesses, easing their financial transactions and providing a boost to Egypt’s burgeoning small business sector.

Egypt’s robust and vibrant FinTech landscape is bustling with rapid advancements. These companies are not just altering the financial sector but also aiding societal development and contributing to Egypt’s spoors as an indispensable player in the global FinTech scene.

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