Which German Information Services Startups Are Revolutionizing The Industry in 2023?

Germany is rapidly establishing itself as a technology powerhouse, with the nation’s startups gaining increased recognition on the global stage. Amongst these, a new generation of Information Services startups are making waves in the industry. Let’s take a look at fifteen German startups that are leveraging data and technology to innovate across various sectors.

Driving this Information Services boom are companies from diverse industries such as maritime technology, ad-tech, geospatial software development, and more. They are enhancing operations, fueling growth, and bringing about digital disruption through their industry-specific data analytics tools and platforms.

These companies not only contribute to the growth and development of Germany’s economy, but also to the digital transformation of businesses around the world. Here are 15 innovative Information Services startups from Germany to keep on your radar.

True Ocean

True Ocean is a maritime data platform specializing in the smart management and implementation of maritime projects. Their field-specific data analytics tools make them a vital part of the Information Services industry in Germany.


Specializing in data enrichment, CUFinder aims to enrich any CRM with verified data. CUFinder is a must-watch startup in the field of Information Services.


COLIFT is a revolutionary marketplace for industry experts. Their standout vision for skill sharing and professional collaboration places them amongst Germany’s top Information Services startups.


databaum provides a disease management tool focusing on successful and healthy farming. This unique use of data to better the agricultural industry makes databaum a standout company in the Information Services sector.

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42 Meta

As the first Ad-Tech StartUp to offer programmatic advertising in the metaverse with its own technology, 42 Meta is leading the way in the Information Services industry in Germany.


memoresa helps users to keep the overview and control over their digital life, making them a leader in the German Information Services industry.

Homa Reto

Specializing in geospatial software, Homa Reto GmbH is organizing community needs and resources in Europe, making them a noteworthy player in Information Services.

GEVA Group

GEVA Group offers reliable software solutions for secure and efficient payment transactions, standing out in Germany’s Information Services sector.


Phyr7 is a specialist for artificial intelligence (AI) based power management solutions, making it one of the most innovative Information Services startups in Germany.


A leading IT service provider in the energy market, McEnergie offers an independent energy provider change portal for independent marketing purposes.


CREW is part of the team neusta digital family that develops innovative products, services, and business models, making it a hotbed for Information Services innovation in Germany.

Release42 Group

Release42 Group offers a unique combination of consulting, software development, and multi-cloud solutions to support the digital transformation of businesses worldwide.


Akii offers an app-based access management solution for construction sites, showcasing the power of digital technology in everyday operations and marking its place in Germany’s Information Services industry.

C+P Consulting

With over 35 years of Innovation and R&D Expertise, C+P Consulting stands out in the Information Services industry, offering their expertise to numerous projects and PLM adoptions.

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P-ton is a prominent company builder, focusing on digital transformation and social activities, making significant strides in the Information Services industry.

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