15 Innovative Software Companies in Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Belgium has become a hub for innovation, and Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest is a major contributor to the country’s tech ecosystem. Here are 15 of the most interesting software companies that are making waves in the city.

Qollabi: Revolutionizing Business Relationship Management

Qollabi offers a Business Relationship Management (BRM) software solution designed for professionals managing indirect sales channels. The SaaS solution helps companies to manage their agents, partners, and resellers more effectively.

Tappable: Building Websites Like Instagram Stories

Tappable offers a platform to create websites that resemble Instagram stories. With Tappable, users can create stories and share them across multiple platforms, including Twitter and Google Search.

Mosaic: Sales Platform for Property Developers

Mosaic is an IT company that offers a sales platform designed for property developers. The platform streamlines the sales process and helps property developers manage their sales pipeline more effectively.

QUIDZI: All-in-One Platform for Content Creators

QUIDZI offers an all-in-one platform for creators who create and share content daily. The platform helps teams to value internal knowledge and team knowledge while making it easy to share content across multiple platforms.

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Novutech: NetSuite Implementation and Support

Novutech is a fast-growing startup in Brussels that is 100% dedicated to the implementation, optimization, and support of NetSuite. The company helps businesses manage their finance, inventory, and production processes.

iThermAI: Smart Video Surveillance

iThermAI offers smart video surveillance solutions that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and prevent crimes. The software can be used in various settings, including residential and commercial properties.

Bevopr: Connecting IT Developers and Companies

Bevopr is a software and information technology company that connects IT developers and companies on a single platform. The company helps IT developers find work and companies find top-quality developers.

TheSignallingCompany: Railway Signalling Platform and Appstore

TheSignallingCompany offers a railway signalling platform and app store that helps railway companies manage their signalling systems more efficiently.

Zorgi: Comprehensive IT Solutions for Healthcare

Zorgi provides comprehensive IT solutions such as software, business intelligence, and cloud infrastructure solutions to healthcare providers. The company helps healthcare providers manage patient records, appointments, and billing.

Aqvita: Making Mineral and Functional Waters at Home

Aqvita develops technologies that enable consumers to make mineral and functional waters at home. The company’s software helps consumers create custom mineral and functional water blends using natural ingredients.

Conneqtr: Software for Managing Administration and Paperwork

Conneqtr offers software for contractors and subcontractors to manage administration and paperwork. The software automates tasks such as invoicing, tracking expenses, and managing time sheets.

huapii: Empowering Your People

huapii offers a platform that helps businesses shape their future and empower their people. The platform provides tools for talent management, learning and development, and performance management.

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Ask-Waldo: Machine Learning for Data Analysis

Ask-Waldo provides machine learning software that collects, structures, and analyzes data to match relevant experts or documentation. The software helps businesses make data-driven decisions and improves their productivity.

The Sentometrics Company: Economic Insights from Textual Data

The Sentometrics Company helps decision-makers extract economic insights from textual data. The company’s software uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze news articles, social media posts, and other textual data sources.

Automate IT: Automating Repetitive Tasks

Automate.IT specializes in automating repetitive tasks for businesses and delivering the processed data in any format required. The software can be used to automate tasks such as data entry, data processing, and data analysis.


Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest is home to a thriving tech ecosystem, and these 15 software companies are at the forefront of innovation. From smart video surveillance to railway signalling platforms and app stores, these companies are using technology to solve complex business problems and drive growth. Whether you’re a property developer, healthcare provider, or content creator, these software companies have something to offer. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, we can expect these companies to remain at the forefront of innovation in Brussels and beyond. With their cutting-edge solutions and commitment to driving growth and success, these software companies are sure to make waves in the tech world. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest in tech innovation, keep an eye on these 15 startups.

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