Exploring Norway’s Electric Vehicle Startups: Innovating the Automotive Industry

As the world moves towards more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions, the demand for electric vehicles has increased exponentially. Norway, a country known for its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, has become a hub for electric vehicle startups. These innovative companies are making significant contributions to the electric vehicle industry, creating a more sustainable future for all. Here, we showcase 15 of the most exciting electric vehicle startups in Norway.

Wattif EV AS: Providing Efficient Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Wattif EV AS offers electric charging points for businesses and individuals, including destination charging. Their service also includes payment systems and electrical distribution. The company is committed to making electric vehicle charging more convenient and accessible for everyone.

Trucknor: Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry with Electric Vehicles

Trucknor, a truck repair shop, is one of the few electric vehicle startups in Norway focusing on the transportation industry. They offer a wide range of electric vehicles for freight and logistics purposes, including electric trucks.

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Flaate: Promoting Eco-Friendly Car Sharing Services

Flaate is a car-sharing startup that provides shared electric vehicles to businesses. The company aims to reduce the number of cars on the road and promote eco-friendly transportation solutions.

BRUDELI Green Mobility: Electrifying Commercial Vehicles for Fleet Owners

BRUDELI Green Mobility specializes in electrifying commercial vehicles for fleet owners. They offer a range of electric vehicles that are ideal for commercial purposes, such as deliveries and logistics.

E-Wheels: Delivering Personal Electric Vehicles

E-Wheels is a dealer of personal electric vehicles, including small electric cars and electric bicycles. They deliver their products throughout Scandinavia.

Gronn Kontakt: Providing Charging Stations for Rechargeable Cars Nationwide

Gronn Kontakt is a startup that provides charging stations for all rechargeable cars in Norway, making it easier for electric vehicle owners to travel across the country.

Sykkelpikene: Offering a Wide Range of Bicycles and Electric Bicycles

Sykkelpikene is an online shop that sells bicycles, electric bicycles, helmets, bags, baskets, locks, wheels, and accessories. They cater to both casual riders and cycling enthusiasts.

Bovi Mobility AS: Sharing Kick Scooters with Safety and Sustainability in Mind

Bovi Mobility offers shared kick scooters that are safe, secure, and sustainable. Their focus on safety and sustainability is what sets them apart from other electric vehicle startups in Norway.

CityQ: Providing a Unique Car-eBike Platform

CityQ offers the first car-eBike platform, a mix of an ebike and a “micro car” with pedals, regulated as an eBike. This innovative platform combines the best features of a bicycle and a car.

ShareBike: Providing Shared E-bikes, E-scooters, and Cars

ShareBike specializes in providing shared electric bicycles, electric scooters, and cars through their application. They make it easier for people to adopt eco-friendly transportation options.

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Kindernay: Revolutionizing Bike Drive Systems

Kindernay specializes in high-tech bike drive systems that are efficient and durable. Their innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize the cycling industry.

INFINITE MOBILITY: Designing and Manufacturing Solar Electric Tricycles

INFINITE MOBILITY designs and manufactures lightweight solar electric tricycles for urban mobility and last-mile delivery. Their focus on sustainability and eco-friendly transportation makes them a leading startup in Norway’s electric vehicle industry.

Think Global: Manufacturing Urban Mobility Solutions

Think Global is an electric car manufacturing company that specializes in producing urban mobility solutions. Their focus on eco-friendly transportation options has made them one of the leading electric vehicle startups in Norway.

Movel: Providing Reliable Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

Movel provides operation of safe and reliable charging systems for all types of electric vehicles. Their charging systems are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it easier for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars.

Fresco Motors: A Startup Focused on Electric Vehicles

Fresco Motors is an electric vehicle startup from Norway that designs and produces innovative electric vehicles. Their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness has helped them make a name for themselves in Norway’s electric vehicle industry.


Norway’s electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly, with startups providing innovative solutions to promote eco-friendly transportation options. These 15 electric vehicle startups are just a few examples of the many companies that are making significant contributions to the industry. As the world continues to focus on reducing carbon emissions, Norway’s electric vehicle startups are well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable transportation.

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