How is Business Continuity Transforming Cybersecurity in Ecommerce and Critical Infrastructure?

Key Takeaways:

  • Protected IT is revolutionizing cybersecurity in eCommerce and critical infrastructure by focusing on business continuity.
  • The startup utilizes a unique method that combines industry-leading tools, experience-based methodologies, and capable IT/OT infrastructure understanding.
  • Offering a wide range of services including Incident response, Disaster recovery, and Risk Mitigation planning to cater to specific client needs.
  • They are not just another VSOC or SOC as a Service; Protected IT offers a differentiated approach that consistently yields success.


In today’s world, where cyber threats pose serious risks to businesses across various sectors, Protected IT – a Managed Security Services Provider established in Chicago in 2019 – is making a significant stance. Reinventing cybersecurity in the eCommerce and critical infrastructural sectors, this startup brings focus to an area often overlooked – Business Continuity. Operating from Park Ridge, Illinois, Protected IT aligns itself with the industry’s leading names, providing remote infrastructure management, cloud adoption, management systems migration, systems implementation, data protection, and maintenance services.

Their client base is diverse, ranging from banks, governments, hospitals, telecom and media, enterprise technology, and eCommerce. They also cater to critical infrastructure. What sets them apart is their special approach towards enhancing Business Continuity from Security to Disaster Recovery and Remediation – an essential yet often forgotten aspect of cybersecurity within the eCommerce sector, and critical infrastructure.


As a unique player in the cybersecurity space, Protected IT stands out through their differentiated approach towards ensuring business continuity. Their bespoke combination of industry-leading tools, methodologies based on unique experiences, and vast technical knowledge of IT/OT landscapes makes them a go-to option for those in need of robust cybersecurity solutions. Their vast team base spans globally, offering expertise in managing various GRC across different verticals. This includes Incident response, Disaster recovery, and Risk Mitigation planning, which can be tailored to unique requirements and budgets.

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The startup goes beyond being a traditional VSOC or SOC as a Service. Empowered by this approach, the company offers a high success rate in dealing with cyber threats, maintaining business continuity, and mitigating risks for its clients across different sectors.


The future for Protected IT seems highly promising. As cybersecurity challenges continue to grow in complexity and scale, especially in sectors like eCommerce and critical infrastructure, the demand for Managed Security Services like those offered by Protected IT is expected to rise exponentially. Their unique focus on business continuity, coupled with their bespoke and efficient offerings, certainly positions them as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.

To stay updated with Protected IT as they continue transforming cybersecurity norms, you can follow them at their website here, their Twitter, and Linkedin. Guided by founder, Damian Ehrlicher, their continuous innovation and service delivery are sure to revolutionize the nature of cybersecurity within the eCommerce industry and critical infrastructure sector.

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Explore the bubble  Protecting the Digital Frontier: Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in Washington

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