Is FinTech Revolutionizing Asset Management with Globally Traded Securities Solutions?

Mauricio Alexis Garcia Moreno, Diego Humberto Llerena Gonzalez

Key Takeaways

  • Lynk is a capital markets fintech startup based in Miami, Florida, aiming to revolutionize asset management industry with globally traded securities solutions.
  • The startup’s platform empowers asset managers to seamlessly repack investment strategies into globally traded securities.
  • Its vision is to democratize the access to investment products to professional and institutional investors globally using their intelligent platform.

Asset management has long been a cornerstone of the financial services industry. However, with the introduction of fintech startups like Lynk, this sector is undergoing a revolutionary change. Lynk, based in Miami, Florida, is an innovative capital markets fintech that is transforming the way asset management is conducted. Offering a unique platform, Lynk empowers asset managers to effortlessly transform investment strategies into globally traded securities.

Lynk utilizes an impressive suite of curated products, including ETFs, Single Shares, ESG and Crypto. Their full service platform not only securitizes the investment into portfolios and private funds but also meets the needs of regulatory compliance for global distribution of investment products, thus providing a simpler, more efficient solution in a complex financial ecosystem.

What sets Lynk apart from other fintech startups in the asset management space is their commitment to democratization and a seamless user experience. Lynk’s efficient, intelligent platform allows professional and institutional investors to universally access investment products, simplifying what was traditionally a complex and inaccessible domain. Furthermore, Lynk enhances well-established business models through the leverage of securitization for efficient distribution solutions.

By integrating services such as private equity and alternative investments, Lynk also presents an opportunity to launch tradable feeders to fund various strategies. Their platform models are aimed at reducing the cost of entry, while simultaneously meeting global regulatory requirements, thereby presenting a lower cost and simplified solution for asset management.

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As we move into the future, startups like Lynk will undoubtedly continue to reshape the asset management industry. Lynk’s commitment to liquidity, transparency, and global access to investment products makes them a promising contender in the fintech space. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to simplify and democratize asset management, Lynk is leading the charge towards a more inclusive and innovative financial sector.

To learn more about their innovative approach to asset management, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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