Revolutionizing Education: Exploring 15 Innovative E-Learning Companies in Tel Aviv, Israel

Discover the cutting-edge E-Learning startups from the vibrant startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv, Israel, that are transforming education with technology.


In recent years, the E-Learning industry has experienced significant growth, offering learners of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to access high-quality education from anywhere in the world. Tel Aviv, known as the “Startup Nation,” has emerged as a hub for innovative E-Learning companies, pushing the boundaries of education technology. In this article, we will showcase 15 fascinating E-Learning startups based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that are revolutionizing the way we learn.

Safe School Analytics:

Safe School Analytics offers online social-emotional learning and child protection services. By leveraging technology, they provide a safe and engaging learning environment for children and teenagers.


Zoog utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to create interactive storytelling experiences, bringing families closer together. Their innovative approach fosters creativity and learning through immersive digital content.


clickto. is a platform that enables the management and execution of virtual programs. With their user-friendly interface, educators can seamlessly deliver engaging online courses, workshops, and events.


Quonder harnesses the power of data and combines it with the science of learning to offer the most effective learning experience. Their platform optimizes productivity and learning outcomes.


Loora is an e-learning app that empowers users to learn and improve their English language skills at their own pace. With personalized lessons and flexible timings, users can enhance their English proficiency conveniently.

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Lingopie simplifies language learning by leveraging popular foreign TV shows and movies. Their platform provides an engaging and entertaining way to learn new languages effectively.

Now You Know:

Now You Know is a publisher of online courses that combines technology and captivating content. They offer a wide range of courses designed to meet various learning needs and interests.

Ludus Technologies LTD:

Ludus Technologies specializes in providing Artificial Intelligence solutions for educational organizations. Their AI-powered tools enhance learning processes and improve educational outcomes.


Arcadia transforms gaming into a seamless math learning experience. By incorporating mathematical concepts into gaming scenarios, they make math engaging and enjoyable for students.


Daystage is a user-friendly platform that enables the hosting and monetization of live lectures and events. Educators and speakers can share their knowledge and connect with audiences worldwide.


SpeakWiz is an e-learning app that facilitates language practice with new friends. Users can enhance their speaking skills in a foreign language through interactive conversations and exercises.


ReShuffle specializes in providing educational programs, self-development courses, communication training, and e-learning services.


AcadeMe+ is an online education platform that provides video-based interactive lessons on skills, enriching social, and emotional teaching.

Agile Spirit:

Agile Spirit is a business consulting company that provides training on organizational transition.


Weelrn is an Ed-Tech startup developing a Peer e-Learning Platform.


These 15 innovative E-Learning companies in Tel Aviv, Israel, are transforming the education landscape with their creative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. By leveraging AR, AI, and user-friendly platforms, they are making learning more engaging, accessible, and effective. As the E-Learning industry continues to evolve, these startups are leading the way in revolutionizing education and empowering learners around the world. Keep an eye on these companies as they shape the future of education in the digital age.

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