Revolutionizing Mapping Services with Developer APIs: Is SaaS The Future of Transportation?


Located in Kharkov, Ukraine, is a fast-growing startup operating in the developer APIs, mapping services, SaaS, and transportation industries. At the heart of their innovative service is a suite of APIs that quickly and accurately determine the fastest route between two points on a map. Their primary product, Distance Matrix API, serves as an inexpensive and enhanced alternative to Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

Key Takeaways

  • is revolutionizing mapping services with its developer APIs.
  • The company’s main product, the Distance Matrix API, computes the fastest route between two points on a map in under a second. It is a cost-effective alternative to Google Maps Distance Matrix API.
  • With this technology, the startup has managed to reduce delivery time for businesses like and slash costs significantly for several European companies.
  • The use of such technology in transportation and logistics projects the future growth of SaaS in these industries.

Differentials of

What sets apart is the sheer speed and accuracy of its API products. The Distance Matrix API can compute the fastest route between two points on a map in less than a second, a feat that makes it highly desirable for businesses. The API is also highly cost-effective. For instance, it has reduced delivery time by 25% for the food delivery company and has cut down costs nearly five-fold for several European businesses.

Furthermore, unlike other mapping services, offers a free trial, enabling potential customers to test out the API for themselves. Businesses across various sectors can thus see firsthand the level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness that the product brings to their operations.

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The Future of and the Industry

Services like are paving the way forward for SaaS-based transportation solutions. The future of the transportation industry is inevitably wedded to technological development, and the rapid and accurate mapping capabilities provided by APIs are invaluable. SaaS solutions like those of not only optimize logistics by cutting costs and delivery times but also allow businesses to focus on their core offering.

As for, its journey is merely commencing as it seeks to push the boundaries of what developer APIs can achieve. For more information about the company and its innovative solutions or to request a free trial, visit the website You can also follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest developments.

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