Startup Showcase: Above Food – Revolutionizing the Plant-Based Food Industry

From Field-to-Fork: A Transparent and Sustainable Supply Chain

Above Food, a B2B plant-based protein company based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, is shaking up the food industry with its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and innovation. Founded in 2020, the company specializes in the development of whole food products, sourcing its proteins and ingredients only from the highest-quality producers in the world. Above Food’s mission is to deliver dense, nutritious, sustainable, and superior food products to customers and consumers at affordable prices.

Transparent and Sustainable Supply Chain

Above Food’s supply chain is designed to be transparent and sustainable, from the field to the fork. The company maintains a chain of custody of its plant proteins throughout the food production value chain, ensuring that customers understand the complete journey of their food. By doing so, Above Food is building trust with its customers and consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the origin and quality of their food.

Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

Above Food has created its own technology for producing world-class texture and flavor of plant-based foods. These trademarked manufacturing technologies include TXTexturized Xtrusion and Precision Flavouring, which are designed to address the most important variables of plant-based foods, taste and texture. These innovative technologies enable Above Food to produce high-quality plant-based products that can compete with traditional animal-based products in taste and texture.

Acquisition of Only Oats and Culcherd – Dairy Alternatives

Above Food has also acquired two companies producing world-class oat-based food products: Only Oats and Culcherd – Dairy Alternatives. This acquisition has enabled Above Food to meet the rising demand for oat milk and other plant-based dairy products and meats. This move is in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and health, as oats are a more sustainable crop compared to traditional dairy farming.

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Experienced Leadership Team

The company’s leadership team is made up of four food industry veterans who have extensive experience stretching across the entirety of the complex food production ecosystem. Lionel Kambeitz is the CEO and Executive Chairman, Donato Sferra is the Executive VP of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development, Tyler West is the CEO and President of Purely Canada Foods Corp., and Martin Williams is the President and Chief Innovation Officer of Above Food Brands. Their combined expertise has helped Above Food achieve its mission of delivering sustainable and superior food products.


Above Food is a game-changer in the plant-based food industry, offering a transparent and sustainable supply chain, innovative manufacturing technologies, and a commitment to excellence in taste and texture. With the acquisition of Only Oats and Culcherd – Dairy Alternatives, the company is poised to meet the rising demand for oat-based food products and plant-based dairy alternatives. Above Food’s dedication to sustainability and health, coupled with its experienced leadership team, is sure to make it a major player in the plant-based food market.




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