Startup Showcase: Accurics – Revolutionizing Cloud Cyber Resilience

A Breakthrough Solution for Secure Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Welcome to, where we highlight the most innovative startups making waves in the industry. In this edition of Startup Showcase, we present Accurics, a cloud cyber resilience specialist based in Pleasanton, California. Accurics is transforming the way organizations approach cloud-native infrastructure by enabling self-healing and resilient systems. With their cutting-edge platform, Accurics ensures organizations can confidently innovate in the cloud while maintaining robust security measures throughout the development lifecycle. Headquartered in the heart of California’s technology hub, Accurics is at the forefront of the cloud cyber resilience industry. Their comprehensive suite of tools and services empowers organizations to embrace cloud-native infrastructure without compromising on security. Let’s dive into the key aspects that make Accurics a game-changer in the world of cloud resilience.

Self-Healing Infrastructure through Innovative Solutions

Accurics’ core mission is to create a future where organizations can innovate in the cloud with confidence. They achieve this by offering a unique approach to cloud cyber resilience through self-healing infrastructure. Accurics’ platform employs advanced algorithms to detect vulnerabilities in the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before the infrastructure is provisioned. By addressing risks proactively, Accurics ensures that organizations can maintain a secure posture throughout the entire development process.

Codifying Security

from Development to Runtime One of the standout features of Accurics’ platform is its ability to codify security practices throughout the development lifecycle. With Accurics, security becomes an integral part of the development process from the initial code commit to runtime. By integrating seamlessly with popular infrastructure-as-code frameworks, such as Terraform, Accurics automates the detection and resolution of security risks. This approach enables organizations to build cloud-native applications with the utmost confidence in their security posture.

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Cloud Cyber

Resilience for All Accurics believes that every organization, regardless of size, should have access to effective cloud cyber resilience tools. In addition to their enterprise-grade platform, Accurics offers free cloud-based and open-source tools like Terrascan™. These resources enable businesses to assess the security of their cloud infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and implement necessary remediations. By democratizing access to cloud cyber resilience, Accurics is driving a paradigm shift in the industry.


Accurics is transforming the way organizations approach cloud cyber resilience with its innovative platform. By combining self-healing infrastructure, codified security, and accessibility for all, Accurics empowers businesses to embrace the cloud with confidence. Their commitment to ensuring robust security measures throughout the development lifecycle makes them a leader in the field.




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