Startup Showcase: Decision Eyes – Revolutionizing Medical Technology Assessment with Decision Analysis

Empowering the Future of Healthcare through Innovative Decision Analysis

In this Startup Showcase, we present Decision Eyes, a groundbreaking startup that is reshaping the landscape of medical technology assessment using multiple criteria decision analysis. Based in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, Decision Eyes offers cutting-edge software tools, Welphi and Wised, which are revolutionizing decision-making processes in the healthcare industry.

The Power of Decision Eyes: Reimagining Medical Technology Evaluation

At, we aim to spotlight game-changers in the startup world, and Decision Eyes is no exception. This visionary company is focused on empowering healthcare professionals and organizations with powerful decision analysis tools that help in evaluating the value of medical technologies. The founders’ passion for combining technology and healthcare shines through in their innovative approach.

Welphi: Unlocking the Potential of Delphi Processes

One of Decision Eyes’ flagship software tools is Welphi, an intuitive platform that facilitates the creation of Delphi processes with speed and simplicity. Delphi processes involve collecting anonymous input from a panel of experts to reach a consensus on complex issues. Welphi takes this concept to the next level, enabling users to define evaluation criteria for health technologies and transforming them into anonymous online Delphi surveys. With participants from various countries and expertise levels, Welphi ensures a comprehensive assessment process that can lead to more informed and accurate decisions.

Wised: The Intelligent Decision Support System

Decision Eyes’ second offering, Wised, stands for Wisedon Decision Support System. This remarkable platform implements the Advanced Value Framework, a methodological approach that employs Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) using MACBETH. Wised streamlines the evaluation of new medical technologies, enabling stakeholders to weigh multiple criteria simultaneously. By leveraging Wised, decision-makers can objectively assess the value of various medical technologies and make data-driven choices that have a far-reaching impact on patient care and healthcare systems.

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Advancing Healthcare Excellence with Decision Eyes

Decision Eyes is making waves in the healthcare industry, providing tools that ensure technology assessments are comprehensive, data-driven, and transparent. Their innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize how medical technologies are evaluated and adopted, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals.

Join the Decision Eyes Revolution

Are you ready to be a part of the healthcare revolution? Decision Eyes welcomes medical professionals, researchers, and decision-makers to embrace their cutting-edge tools and contribute to shaping the future of healthcare. By joining forces with Decision Eyes, you can play a pivotal role in transforming the assessment of medical technologies and improving patient outcomes worldwide.


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