Unveiling the Innovators: 15 Information Services Companies in the UK


Glassette is an online platform that carefully curates homeware from independent brands. With an eye for design and a commitment to quality, Glassette connects consumers with unique home decor and lifestyle products, championing independent artisans in the process.

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics offers a productivity-maximizing platform for manufacturers. By harnessing data analytics and automation, FourJaw empowers manufacturing companies to enhance their operations and boost efficiency.


CampMap serves as the digital foundation of the camping industry. This platform offers campers a seamless experience, from finding the perfect campsite to accessing essential information and services while in the great outdoors.

Melius Cyber

Melius Cyber is a cybersecurity company that continuously monitors organizations’ IT networks. Through rigorous testing and advanced threat detection, Melius Cyber safeguards businesses from the latest cyber threats.


Global.health is on a mission to facilitate the rapid exchange of reliable and transparent public health information. Their data-driven approach aims to improve global healthcare outcomes and responses to health crises.


Meeow is an AI-powered video networking platform that brings people together. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to foster meaningful connections and networking opportunities through video.

Digital GoToMarket Limited

Digital GoToMarket Limited specializes in AI and machine learning platforms designed to acquire and enrich data. Their expertise lies in building and launching digital subscription products that drive business growth.

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RoadHow is a technology company that provides a driver risk management and learning platform. By utilizing technology, they enhance road safety and driver training in various industries.


TrustQuay assists clients in corporate services and fund administration in maximizing efficiencies, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance. Their innovative solutions streamline complex financial processes.

Quantum Switch

Quantum Switch specializes in the fast-track delivery of hyperscale data centers in developing markets. They are at the forefront of enabling data-driven solutions in regions with high growth potential.


Payspective is an e-platform that offers valuable insights on salary, working conditions, performance, and job changes for both specialists and employers. Their data-driven approach aids in informed decision-making.

That’s The One

That’s The One makes wedding planning as easy as falling in love. Their platform simplifies the wedding planning process, helping couples create their dream weddings with ease.


Urgentem is an award-winning, independent provider of transparent carbon emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry. They empower businesses to make informed sustainability decisions.

Talent Clouds

Talent Clouds offers a versatile platform to support workforce management, either end-to-end or with dedicated modules. Their solutions optimize workforce efficiency and productivity.

Treat Assignment Help

Treat Assignment Help is a team of academic writing experts providing top-notch assignment help and essay assistance at affordable prices. They help students achieve academic success.

These 15 Information Services companies are emblematic of the UK’s thriving startup ecosystem. They exemplify innovation, data-driven decision-making, and a commitment to improving various aspects of our lives. As they continue to evolve and expand, they are set to shape the future of information services in the United Kingdom and beyond. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they pave the way for a data-powered future.

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