Unveiling Vienna’s Tech Pioneers: 15 Innovative Software Companies Reshaping Industries


Welcome to Vienna, Austria, a bustling hub of technological ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. In this edition of StartupBubble.News, we take you on a journey through the software ecosystem of this vibrant city, highlighting 15 exceptional companies that are revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge solutions. From SaaS to blockchain and AI-powered platforms, these companies are rewriting the rules and creating a lasting impact on global markets.

Noreja – Multidimensional Process Mining

Noreja’s SaaS platform is revolutionizing process mining by offering multidimensional insights. With a focus on efficiency and optimization, Noreja empowers businesses to unlock the true potential of their operations.

TradersYard – The Evolution of Social Trading

TradersYard is shaping the future of social trading, providing a seamless experience for investors and traders to collaborate, share insights, and make informed decisions together.

reebuild – Building Materials Platform

reebuild’s innovative platform connects construction professionals with the materials they need, streamlining procurement processes and fostering sustainability in the industry.

S1SEVEN – Digitizing Material Passports

S1SEVEN introduces Digital Material Passports, connecting steel, metals, and chemicals to digital processes and machines, fostering a more transparent and efficient supply chain.

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fiskaly – Unified Fiscalisation Services

fiskaly is transforming fiscal compliance in European markets by offering unified and streamlined fiscalization services to businesses of all sizes.

Justmarkt – Revolutionizing Grocery Shopping

Justmarkt is an online grocery store that delivers supermarket products at affordable prices, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for shoppers.

B.A.M Ticketing – Blockchain-Powered Ticketing

B.A.M Ticketing leverages blockchain technology to create a fair, transparent, and tamper-proof ticketing system, revolutionizing the event industry.

DeepLYNX – Empowering eCommerce

DeepLYNX provides cutting-edge SaaS solutions to empower eCommerce businesses with advanced analytics and insights, enhancing their performance in the digital realm.

AVISIO – Smart Hospitality Supply Management

AVISIO’s SaaS solution streamlines hospitality supply management, enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency in the hospitality industry.

Celantur – Mapping and Automotive Solutions

Celantur pioneers solutions in mobile, indoor, and drone mapping, as well as automotive and ADAS parking, transforming industries with geospatial innovation.

Ada Growth – Empowering Female Growth

Ada Growth’s mobile app, an edtech platform, is empowering female growth by providing personalized learning and development opportunities.

fynk – Automating the Contract Lifecycle

fynk simplifies contract management by automating the entire lifecycle, allowing businesses to streamline processes and optimize legal operations.

enlivio – Transforming Physiotherapy

enlivio’s platform offers fast and effective physiotherapeutic treatment, optimizing patient care and outcomes in the healthcare sector.

Repeato – Simplifying Mobile App Testing

Repeato’s mobile app testing tool automates and simplifies mobile UI testing, reducing time, cost, and energy invested in app development.

Talentir – Unlocking Content Monetization

Talentir empowers content creators by providing innovative solutions for content monetization, enabling them to thrive in the digital era.

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Vienna, Austria, is a hotbed of software innovation, and these 15 companies are shining examples of the city’s tech prowess. From process mining to blockchain-powered ticketing, each company has harnessed cutting-edge technology to create transformative solutions. As the startup scene in Vienna continues to flourish, these trailblazers will undoubtedly shape the future of software and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Vienna’s dynamic startup bubble!

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