What are Canada’s Most Influential IoT Startups Transforming Industries in 2023?

With data becoming the new oil, the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen an unprecedented surge globally. Canada, with its robust tech ecosystem, is steadily emerging as an IoT hub with numerous startups and companies pioneering innovative solutions. Ranging from smart barn analytics to refrigerated locker manufacturing, these ventures are actively exploring unique approaches to leverage IoT. This article showcases some of the most interesting IoT startups and companies in Canada and explains their contributions to this rapidly evolving sector.

IoT’s potential lies in its capability to introduce automation, efficiency, and intelligence across numerous industry verticals. Simultaneously, it heralds new streams of revenue, enhanced customer experiences, and opportunities for business model innovation. The businesses discussed below demonstrate the diversity and creativity in the application of IoT technologies in Canada.

What’s more, these companies are riveting reminders that the future of IoT is not just about cutting-edge technology but also about practical, real-world applications that solve concrete problems and drive value at all levels of the industry. Let’s take a closer look:


FeedFlo is an IoT startup that innovatively combines the Internet of Things and analytics to streamline barn operations. This smart barn solution paves the way for more efficient livestock management, bridging a crucial digital gap in the agricultural sector.

Arctic Shelf

Providing refrigerated locker solutions to schools and workplaces, Arctic Shelf has carved a niche in the IoT space. Their IoT-enabled locker system offers advanced, remote control, management and security features

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Gearing towards public health and sanitation, Glissner offers fast, free phone sanitation in public places. Facilitating sanitary phone usage in public areas, their products merge convenience with cleanliness.

Matrius Technologies

Matrius Technologies is an IoT company that specializes in ultrasonic solutions designed to monitor and control infrastructure integrity. Their range of ultrasonic sensors and solutions offer a proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance.


Providing product development services for startups and SMEs, FYELABS accelerates innovation within the IoT arena, offering affordable and fast-paced solutions to complex business problems.

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc.

Combining IoT and livestock management, HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. offers electronic animal identification and tracking solutions which are vital for farmers to ensure the welfare of their livestock and for quality control.


Offering smart home technology and automation services, Ceotech empowers homeowners with convenient, energy-efficient, and secure solutions.

Data Farms

Data Farms aids farmers with real-time crop monitoring using IoT sensors, helping them make data-driven decisions and improve crop yield.

Aurora Aroma Inc.

Addressing sleep difficulties with IoT, Aurora Aroma Inc. offers personalized aroma-based sleeping aids, enhancing wellness and sleep quality.


Capitalizing on IoT for digital asset management, Monbanc offers solutions for digital asset mining, trading, and financing to create a seamless, secure and transparent digital finance experience.


Attrava helps businesses increase efficiency using cloud and artificial intelligence technology, demonstrating an exciting fusion of IoT, AI and cloud.

Zignar Technologies

Providing industry 4.0 solutions, Zignar Technologies offers IoT systems to ensure maximum functionality and interoperability for their customers.

Element 4

Specializing in sensor technology, Element 4 manufactures autonomous, energy-independent, modular sensor technology that is adaptable to any environment.

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IOT Farming

With a dedicated focus on the agricultural space, IOT Farming offers innovative IoT solutions to boost farm productivity and crop quality.


Offering a robust online platform for GPS tracking and IoT, Astreon empowers businesses and individuals with easy access to the data they need for efficient logistics operations, better security, and streamlined business processes.

In conclusion, IoT is no longer a distant futuristic concept but an integral part in driving the digital transformation across different industries. These Canadian IoT startups and companies are not just digitizing everyday tasks, but they’re changing the way we interact with our world, making it smarter, more connected and radically convenient.

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