What Are Canada’s Pioneering CleanTech Startups Driving Environmental Innovation Today?

Leading the Way: Canadian Startups at the Forefront of CleanTech Innovation

The CleanTech sector in Canada is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the confluence of environmental concerns and technological advancements. These changes are creating opportunities for innovative startups focusing on sustainable solutions. This article showcases 15 such notable CleanTech startups from Canada that are actively contributing towards a greener and cleaner future.

With an array of solutions ranging from electric vehicle charging systems, energy-transition technologies to natural resource development, these startups are not only making strides in technology but also shaping the norms of the industry. The diversity of their innovation speaks volumes about the scope and potential in the CleanTech industry.

So, let’s dive in and learn more about these startups, their focus areas and the transformative solutions they are bringing forth in the industry.

Hypercharge Networks Corp.

Hypercharge Networks Corp. is an electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment company that offers comprehensive EV charging solutions, which plays a crucial role in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles in Canada.

Entropy Inc.

Entropy Inc. is an interesting startup that is commercializing energy-transition technologies, hence contributing to the shift towards sustainability in energy consumption and production.


Focusing on the future of smart virtual power plant, Moduly brings resilience, cost-saving and clean energy to the sector. It is pushing the frontiers of clean energy with smart and efficient solutions.

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Solaires Entreprises Inc

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a team of scientists and engineers that aim to make solar energy more accessible to the masses. Their contribution to the green energy sector is invaluable.


EnviCore is an R&D-focused company developing technologies aimed at improving natural resource development. Its innovative approach contributes greatly to the sustainability of resource exploitation.


As an agtech company, Reazent has introduced economically viable and sustainable alternatives to synthetic agrochemicals. Their contribution to the agricultural sector makes farming more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solutions is an Alberta-based cleantech company dedicated to combating global warming with its innovative solutions.

Liven Proteins

Liven Proteins creates functional protein ingredients through the fermentation of agriculture and food industry byproducts, contributing to the circular economy and waste reduction.


As a Clean Energy Technology company, Oxygen8 specializes in products that tend to improve the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of buildings.


AMATEC uses High-Density Gypsum to construct more eco-friendly, cheaper, faster-built, and stronger houses, showcasing innovation in sustainable building materials.


KILOWATTPACK focuses its efforts on mobile charging stations and electric carsharing services, paving the way for greener transportation options.

Cyclic Materials

Cyclic Materials provides recycling services for rare earth elements, highlighting the importance of resource recovery in the CleanTech sector.


Fractalytic offers a unique solution – the ability to stream carbon data from any meter, providing valuable intelligence for carbon management.


Acuicy is a new intelligence tool focused on the clean economy, providing data-driven insights to stakeholders in the CleanTech industry.

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Kanin Energy

Kanin Energy works on the development of waste heat to power and other decarbonization projects. Their primary goal is to reduce the climate footprint of heavy industry, representing a major innovation in industrial energy efficiency.

These startups depict the diversity in technologies and solutions within the CleanTech industry in Canada. With such innovative approaches, the future of sustainable solutions in Canada looks promising. By continuing to drive homegrown innovation, these startups are set to put Canada on the world’s CleanTech map.

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