Which are India’s Most Influential Startups in Industrial Automation Today?

Industrial automation is rapidly changing the landscape of multiple industries worldwide with disruptive technologies and innovative solutions. In India, this burgeoning sector has rendered an array of startups that are making significant strides in simplifying and enhancing industrial processes. Here’s our run-down of 15 noteworthy Indian startups driving the future of Industrial Automation.

These startups are utilizing cutting-edge technology and inventive methodology to revolutionize various sectors, such as manufacturing, energy storage, fluid engineering, and home automation systems, amongst others. They mark a new wave of pioneering Indian enterprises are significantly contributing to the country’s technological progress and economic growth.

The automation services these startups provide range from products, innovation, and design to R&D and software solutions. They’re not only contributing in enhancing businesses’ efficiency but also potentially improving everyday lives by developing smart home automation systems. Let’s delve into these dynamic Indian Industrial Automation startups and what they have to offer.

Animagtics Technologies Private Limited

The Animagtics Technologies Private Limited is an industrial automation entity that designs and fosters IoT and Serial Communication Technology Energy Storage systems. Each product is meticulously crafted to pave the way for the future with Technology.


Reinventing the principles of Design Thinking, the Seloriz is a Product Innovation, R&D, Design, and Engineering organization. Seloriz aims to create unparalleled industrial automation solutions.

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UdyogYantra Technologies

The UdyogYantra Technologies is an industrial automation service provider that helps in upgrading traditional industrial operations with automated techniques and tools.


HelixSense specialises in providing automation services for diverse industrial sectors, thus creating a seamless blend of automation and technology.


RollPros is an automated machine that has revolutionized the industry, producing up to 750 premium prerolls every hour, thus providing unrivalled efficiency in their operations.


Okeanos provides the manufacturing industry with a superior industrial solution comprising of automation and software technology, thus fostering a tech-driven manufacturing environment.

ProSeal Ceramic

A renowned aftermarket company Proseal Ceramic specializes in Industrial Automation, enabling industries to maximize their productivity and efficiency.


FasProc is a process automation platform offering enterprise operation, business process automation, and cloud BPM services to ensure streamlined business operations.


An IoT specialist, SmarDen has diverse versatility covering Smart Homes, Smart Hotels, Smart Industry, and Custom IoT Projects, providing an automated lifestyle to its customers.


ioCtrl is a unique firm that has developed ‘MqttDesk’, which is a cross-platform MQTT desktop client custom-built for makers, freelancers, prototypes, and enterprises.

Sanyata Actuation and Fluid Engineering

Sanyata Actuation and Fluid Engineering is a pioneering design and manufacturing company specializing in actuation and valve automation products.

Asteam Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd

Asteam Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd is another Industrial Automation Company that contributes to making industries technologically advanced and efficient.

Nandi Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd.

Nandi Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. is simplifying robotics simulation with its innovative and customer-centric solutions.


TalkingThings is an Industrial Automation firm known for its solutions that enable full access to household electrical appliances and home security through smartphones.

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Yarev Technology

Yarev Technology is an electrical and electronics manufacturing company catering to home automation and water conservation services, thus playing a significant role in conserving resources.

To wrap up, these 15 startups are at the forefront of industrial automation in India. They’re not only driving innovation and productivity in the industrial sectors but also developing solutions that have the potential to improve the daily lives of people through home automation systems. It’s truly exciting to witness this technology-driven future unfolding in India.

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