Which Brazilian E-Commerce Startups Are Reshaping the Industry in 2023?

With the global shift towards digital commerce, more and more startups are entering the e-commerce space. This trend is not confined to developed markets alone. Brazil, known for its vibrant startup scene, is home to several exciting e-commerce ventures that are disrupting traditional retail. These startups are working across various sectors, offering innovative solutions to cater to consumer needs. Here are some of the interesting e-commerce startups from Brazil worth knowing.

Guia Vet

Guia Vet is an e-commerce platform dedicated to pet health care. They aggregate data to conveniently connect pet parents with top-rated products and services in their vicinity. With an increasing number of pet parents willing to spend lavishly on their pets, Guia Vet is leading the way in the pet care e-commerce sector in Brazil.


Navegam is another exciting startup, offering mobility solutions. Although additional information about their offerings is limited, their impact in the e-commerce sector cannot be undermined.


Targeting the microcredit space, Veriza offers digital microcredit solutions to micro-entrepreneurs. This fintech startup is making borrowing for small business owners easy and quick, a significant step in empowering small businesses.

Prepi App

The Prepi App brings what Small and Medium businesses need to increase online sales on a single platform. They have already transacted over R$ 5MM in online sales, a testament to their usefulness and efficiency.


Feel manufactures and delivers intimate products for women through its e-commerce platform. This startup is catering to the private needs of women, offering convenience and privacy.

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Voor provides an e-commerce and marketplace for tickets. Voor is a handy tool for managing and purchasing event tickets online, improving both accessibility and convenience.


Fleetss is a rental platform for seafaring vessels. It equips boat owners with the tools to monetize their vessels by renting them out to potential customers.


Directto is a cloud-based business-to-business platform for bioeconomy. Directto is at the forefront of the intersection between e-commerce and biotechnology.


Newtail enables retailers to create a sales channel and monetize their data and media operations through a retail media platform. This innovative approach provides retailers with additional revenue streams and optimizes their digital presence.


Voltz is revolutionizing the way banking operations are conducted. Their e-commerce platform offers a novel way to utilize banking services.


Pin.go is an online application that allows users to buy fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and primary suppliers at competitive prices. Pin.go is bringing farm-fresh produce to your doorstep with a tap on the screen.


Bisyou is another e-commerce platform, specializing in skincare and cosmetics products. Providing a wide range of beauty products, Bisyou is emerging as a one-stop platform for all beauty needs.


Powered by Mediaplus, Commerceplus is an e-commerce platform specializing in website, virtual store and application development. Commerceplus is making it easier for businesses to transition to digital platforms and soak in the benefits of e-commerce.


Dedalog is working to provide smart urban fulfillment centers for quick and affordable ecommerce logistics. This startup is reducing delivery costs and times, a major boost to e-commerce operations.

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Amobeleza is an online store that sells shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, makeup kits, masks, moisturizers, and related accessories. Amobeleza is satiating the consumer’s thirst for beauty and personal care products online.

These startups represent the mixture of creativity, diversity, and ingenuity of the Brazilian e-commerce sector. Their varied approaches provide a snapshot of the opportunities and possibilities in this rapidly growing sector. Keep an eye on these names as they continue to shape the online shopping landscape in Brazil.

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