Which Canadian Marketing Automation Startups Lead the Industry in 2023?

Marketing Automation is a growing field, where new and innovative startups are continually emerging to provide businesses with tactics and tools to streamline, automate, and analyze marketing tasks. These companies facilitate the execution of marketing campaigns more efficiently, offering the ultimate benefit of generating better leads, driving sales, and improving ROI. Here, we highlight 15 Marketing Automation startups and companies from Canada that are making noteworthy contributions to this burgeoning field.

In our current digital age, where customers’ expectations are at all-time highs, businesses need to stay on top of their game to remain competitive. Armed with innovative automation tools, these companies from the true north not only help businesses in keeping up with the pace but also let them take a leap ahead.

From content generation and organization to recruitment and review automation, these startups offer diverse solutions, meeting specific requirements of different industries including retail, financial services, real estate, esports and more. Let’s take a closer look at these innovative companies:

Syntax IQ

Founded in Canada, Syntax IQ is a software company that focuses on helping retailers generate and organize their content. Anchored in the marketing automation industry, the company is enjoying significant growth.


Founded in Canada, CandidateHub stands out in the marketing automation space, featuring a recruitment marketing automation platform that accelerates and refines the recruitment process.

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The 2045 Collective

The 2045 Collective, based in Canada, is a marketing company providing digital media marketing services, distinguishing itself in the ever-evolving marketing automation industry.


Carved out of Canada’s tech industry, Revvo focuses on providing a review automation platform for small and local businesses, bolstering their online reputation management endeavours.


ReachStack brings forth marketing automation tools specifically designed for financial services companies, enabling them to target their clients more accurately and effectively.


Distinguished in the marketing automation space, Bizbird offers comprehensive services as a full-service marketing agency, delivering customized business solutions from their base in Canada.

AscendX Digital

AscendX Digital, rooted in Canada, empowers technology brands to effectively reach their target audiences through unique Through-Channel Marketing services.

MDMS Managed Digital Media Services

MDMS Managed Digital Media Services specializes in managing Social Media Automation and Online Marketing Services, altering the marketing landscape in Canada.

MLR Virtual Solutions

MLR Virtual Solutions lends its expertise in Dubsado and email marketing to serve various business requirements, carving a unique niche in the marketing automation industry.


Enriching Canada’s tech industry, Saabu.io offers an all-in-one Marketing Automation Platform specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

Delve In Analytics

Conceived by local real estate professionals, DelveIn has proven itself to be a valuable ally for the real estate industry by providing specialized marketing automation solutions.

Greenlight Content

Greenlight Content, based in Canada, offers tailored content strategies enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of content marketing tactics.

C4G Agency

C4G Agency provides a highly specialized digital tool for esports, sports, and business development professionals to optimize their B2B outreach efforts, setting a novel course in the marketing automation space.

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Revolutionizing the marketing automation sector, Canadian startup EniAI offers unique service.


MarketCatch distinguishes itself as a potent source of automated marketing and customer relationship management solutions, leading the way in transforming business processes and interactions.

These startups are shaping the future of marketing automation in Canada, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of an enterprise, these companies can play a significant role in your digital transformation journey. Stay tuned, as we continue to explore and spotlight these rising stars.

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