Which Distrito Especial Software Startups are Dominating Tech in 2023?

Distrito Especial, Colombia, is proving to be a steadily growing hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s the spotlight of South America’s tech industry, garnering interest from startup founders, venture capitalists, and software engineers worldwide. The city’s vibrant ecosystem has witnessed the rise of numerous promising software startups. With a blend of unique ideas, competitive spirit, and unwavering tenacity, these 15 software startups have turned heads and set their path for growth and success.

These software startups are varied, serving in different verticals such as FinTech, PropTech, Martech and more, demonstrating the broad range of sectors ripe for disruption. In this feature, we’ve highlighted these startups, providing key insights about their aim, motivation, and the unique solutions they bring to the table.

From payment solutions to real estate platforms, vet techs, intelligent sales aids and advance logistics – the diversity and innovation found within these startups showcase the adaptability and proficiency of Colombian tech entrepreneurship.


Yuno is a leading software company that provides comprehensive digital payment solutions. They enable businesses to accept a variety of payment methods and manage fraud all through a single interface, making the payment process seamless and secure for users.


Habi makes the intricate process of buying and selling real estate a breeze. Leveraging technology, its digitized platform streamlines the entire process, making it simple, fast, and efficient.


Movet holds the distinction of being the first Vet Tech in Latin America. Through a blend of technology and care, the company is redefining pet healthcare services.

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Through its innovative digital tools, CLUVI assists restaurants in crafting smart menus that increase customer satisfaction and in turn, profitability.


As a micro-fulfillment dark store, Velocity caters to the evolving needs of e-commerce and digital channels.

Katapult Commerce

Katapult Commerce provides an end-to-end platform for managing and optimizing digital channels right from online sales fulfillment to delivery.


Targeting the gated communities of Latin America, Munily provides an access control management application that enhances security.


Lineup is a lead intelligence SaaS platform that provides sales teams with valuable insights to understand their prospects better.


Cubbo is a Latin America technology company that seamlessly fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands.


Finkargo bridges the gap between finance and technology by providing a comprehensive trade financing platform for SMEs.


Powering the online ecosystem, Beu connects creators, freelancers, brands, and organizations in one digital space.


Bolsiyo offers tech-enabled solutions to amplify efficiency and revenue for small retailers in Latin America.

Vai Community

The Vai Community carpooling app is revolutionizing transportation services for university students across Latin America.

Coco Compras Compartidas

Coco Compras Compartidas brings social commerce and group buying experience to e-stores.

Betty Cash

Driving financial efficiency, Betty Cash provides an app that measures and forecasts budget & financial KPIs from invoices.

These software companies, rooted in innovation, technology and a keen understanding of their markets, are evidence of the thriving startup culture in Distrito Especial, Colombia. We exuberantly anticipate watching these startups grow and scale, all while they redefine industries and markets both locally and internationally.

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