Which Indian Professional Networking Startups are Influencing Business in 2023?

In a world driven by connections, professional networking assumes prime importance, especially among startups. India, being a thriving hub of startups, offers an array of platforms enabling professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow. These platforms tend to offer groundbreaking solutions and opportunities for both professionals and businesses. Here are some of the most interesting Professional Networking Startups in India that are empowering Indian business and talent ecosystems.

Each of these startups showcases a unique value proposition and a different method to address professional networking. From niche, target-specific platforms to those catering to various industries and needs, the spectrum is wide and diversified. Here are some of the startups that are making professional networking more convenient and productive in India.

These Indian startups are not just about creating means of communication but are also extending solutions, platform and vibrant communities where professionals can engage, learn, share, and develop. Let’s take a closer look:


Based in India, CoDot is a branching narrative story platform that connects individuals based upon their interactions within the story. It is a progressive step in facilitating professional networking.


leap.club pioneers a private professional network dedicated to the upliftment of rising women leaders in India. It provides women professionals the right platform to connect and grow.

One Connected

One Connected serves as a professional networking platform that enables individuals to discover, connect, and engage with like-minded professionals. It provides a platform that helps to foster professional growth in India.

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Zyapaar is India’s first B2B Networking Platform dedicated to facilitating connections between Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers, and Manufacturers. It’s a unique platform where collaborations can take root.

Helo Protocol

Helo Protocol is committed to helping SMB’s & micro entrepreneurs in India to become independent. It’s an enabler for easier business operations.


Colco is an audio-centric social network that caters to the needs of Professionals & Startups. It offers an innovative way to connect with fellow professionals.


HoshMe offers a networking platform for professionals in India, enabling constructive professional connections and collaborations.


Johari serves as a comprehensive feedback app for individuals, creating a Johari Window for professionals. It allows individuals to retain feedback from teams, even after switching companies, and showcase their performance.

Pro tracking hub

Pro tracking hub is an online platform catering to logistics tracking, providing updates about the current status of couriers for professionals and businesses.

India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow

India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow comes across as a non-profit organization promoting community building in the Indian Bioeconomy industry. It provides a networking platform for professionals engaged in the biotechnology sector.

NetgearStore – India

Netgear India Official E-Store enables professionals and businesses to connect and engage in the world of technology.


Influexo is a social community networking platform that unlocks opportunities for professionals across industries.

iTech Support | Computer Care Services

iTech Support provides advanced solutions to home users & small businesses in India. It’s a prominent platform where networking meets technological assistance.

Youth Online Learning Opportunities

Youth Online Learning Organisation is a platform that enables the youth to discover career opportunities and build a strong professional network.

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Last, but not least, Helpert allows users to connect with experts and emerge as an expert themselves. A great platform to connect, grow and earn.

These startups are disrupting the conventional professional networking sphere in India. They carry immense potential to redefine the way we interact, collaborate, and thrive professionally by providing outlets for constructive engagements and collaborations.

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