Which Industrial Automation Startups are Transforming the US Economy in 2023?

In the growing era of digital transformation, the Industrial Automation sector has been reevaluated and revitalized through technological innovations from a range of pioneering startups. This domain has showcased breakthroughs like autonomous machinery, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, data analytics, and so much more. Venture into this fascinating world as we explore 15 groundbreaking industrial automation startups from the United States.

These startups have successfully transformed conventional practices into advanced operations that not only increase cost-efficiency but greatly enhance productivity and quality too. Digitizing and automating data collection and business processes has been the cornerstone of this evolution.

Now let’s delve into these startups and discover how they are trailblazing the path through the digital revolution and ushering in a new epoch for the Industrial Automation sector.


Array is bringing innovation to the sector by digitizing and automating data collection and business processes in a no-code environment, hence reducing the manual handling of information.


HELIXintel provides a user-friendly platform that enables tracking the condition of all equipment in one place, from anywhere, on any device.


Rosotics focuses on creating hyper-efficient metal additive manufacturing solutions that solve complex problems in industrial engineering.

Sojo Industries

Sojo Industries, catering primarily to the food and beverage industries, is pushing the boundaries in the domain of industrial automation.

Heartland Industries

Heartland Industries is a material science startup engineering hemp fibers as additives for plastics.

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Kinetic Technologies

Kinetic Technologies is an engineering design and build firm, consolidating manual operation and maximizing efficiency.


Canopii is revolutionizing agriculture with their fully automated vertical greenhouses.

Mōdal Group, Inc.

Mōdal Group, Inc. is envisioning transportation for the AI-driven future by integrating automation to enhance mobility and logistics.

Peer Robotics

Peer Robotics offer a cost-efficient way to integrate and deploy mobile robots, proving that automation can be accessible for all businesses.

Box Robotics

Box Robotics is a robotics startup that constructs high-definition maps and three-dimensional LiDAR.

Revolute Robotics

Revolute Robotics is an automation company building aerial and ground robots for inspection, mapping, and surveillance.


Cerence is pioneering in creating unique experiences for the automotive world’s end-users through automation.

Orca Mobility

Orca Mobility are working on autonomous cargo vehicles, contributing to the evolution of goods transport.

Lydonia Technologies

Lydonia Technologies is a consulting firm offering robotic process automation services as an area of expertise.


Hum Industrial Technology is a supply chain technology company designing predictive sensors, seeking to make the supply chain process smarter and safer.

These prominent startups are at the forefront in shaping the future of the Industrial Automation sector. By harnessing new technologies and innovative solutions, they are truly being pioneers in their domain.

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