Which Louisiana Software Startups Are Shaping the Tech Industry in 2023?

The tech scene in Louisiana is buzzing with new and innovative software startups carving out their niches in various industries. These companies are utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide unique solutions, enhancing operations across sectors. Here’s a look at some of these startups that are making waves in the software industry, offering everything from business management software to real estate solutions and digital marketing services.

These companies are not just shaping the local tech landscape but are also contributing to the broader technology industry with their novel solutions. By digitizing manual processes, optimizing operations, and offering value-added services, they are setting new standards of efficiency and convenience. What undeniable is the positive impact these software startups have on the economy, further fostering the culture of innovation in the state of Louisiana.

Let’s delve into these vibrant software startups and companies adding to the diversity of the Louisiana tech ecosystem and find out their unique propositions that make them so distinct in the software space.

Cura OS

Cura OS is keen on enhancing the standard of care by developing business management software specifically designed for care providers. This comprehensive solution brings a fresh outlook to healthcare operations, initiating smooth and efficient workflow management.


The real estate industry is experiencing digital transformation with startups like JurisDeed. This B2B SaaS startup is modernizing the legacy processes responsible for title clearance and ownership confirmation in real estate, accelerating business processes and enhancing productivity.

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Wrstbnd is revolutionizing the event and attraction industry with its next-gen technology. The startup offers advanced access control, credentialing, and cashless technology, promising to bring unprecedented levels of convenience and security to event management.


Nubitz excels in providing software development and digital marketing services, specializing in web and mobile application development, API development, and consulting services. It has carved a niche for itself with its state-of-the-art IT solutions.


With a focus on inventive IT solutions, Dasinfomedia has found its forte in providing enterprises and individuals with ground-breaking software solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and business growth.

Port LookOut

Port LookOut offers a cloud-based platform dedicated to streamlining the port call process. This collaborative platform promises optimization and improved productivity in the logistics sector.

DAWn Audio

Designed for music artists, DAWn Audio is a B2C Saas platform aiming to foster co-creation in the music industry. It bridges compatibility gaps among different tools artists use, enabling seamless collaboration.

Ruby Shore

Ruby Shore is a one-stop solution for digital presence enhancement. With its expertise in app and website development, it also offers business software solutions, search engine optimization, and digital marketing services.


The popular social media management platform, Kiopi, aids in content planning, scheduling and publishing across multiple social media sites, streamlining marketing endeavors.


To empower the modern workforce, Flexgigzz has developed an online platform providing freelance services for freelancers. This platform connects a vast network of freelancers with potential employers, opening new avenues of flexible work.


Streamlining document generation and signature processes, Formsio is at the forefront of the digital revolution, enabling smoother, quicker, and more secure paperwork.

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Kallaco develops health management mobile apps for individuals, families, and businesses. By incorporating the latest technologies, it offers convenient and efficient health tracking and management.


Aiming to foster women’s empowerment, HERide provides ride-sharing apps to hire drivers. It ensures a safe and reliable conveyance option while encouraging the participation of women in the industry.

Coast Technology

Coast Technology offers software development services that include cloud computing and application development. With its tech-forward approach, it improves business operations, enriching the tech scene in Louisiana.

Gaming PC

For gaming enthusiasts, Gaming PC provides a detailed guide and reviews about gaming PCs. This software startup fuels the thriving gaming industry with its expert insights and guidance.

In conclusion, these companies are shining examples of the innovation and progress taking place in Louisiana’s software industry. They are solving industry-specific challenges and contributing significantly to the local and national tech economy. With their out-of-the-box solutions and dedicated efforts, these startups are setting new benchmarks for the rest of the tech world.

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