Which Selangor-Based Software Startups Are Influencing Malaysia’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Selangor, Malaysia is a breeding ground for dynamic software startups looking to change the landscape of technology. From AI-powered SEO optimization to online solutions for hospitality industries, these promising businesses are diverse in their specialties yet unified in their commitment to advancing software technology. Let’s delve into these software startups and find out what they bring to the table.

Each startup in this burgeoning region is driven by a unique mission. However, they all share the collective goal of elevating Malaysia’s reputation in the global technology ecosystem. From enhancing school management systems to pioneering the next generation engagement via Metaverse, VR, AR, & MR technology, these organizations are strengthening Malaysia’s stance in the tech world.

The following 15 startups have made notable contributions to their respective fields through an innovative approach and unwavering dedication, catapulting Selangor’s software industry towards a prosperous future. We invite you to explore these promising software startups and gain insight into the fascinating world of tech entrepreneurship in Selangor, Malaysia.


Developing the world’s first multilingual AI-powered SEO optimization and content generation platform, NexMind is revolutionizing digital marketing. Nexmind is a pioneer in the digital marketing field, offering innovative software solutions for global businesses.


Delyva is a comprehensive logistics platform trusted by thousands of businesses for faster & smarter delivery experiences. From micro businesses to large enterprises, Delyva provides an efficient and intelligent delivery system to meet diverse logistic demands.

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Anak2U offers a mobile app and school management system, providing inclusive and comprehensive solutions for educational institutions. Visit Anak2U to find out how they are changing the face of education through technology.

Virtualtech Frontier

Embracing next generation digital interaction, Virtualtech Frontier designs and develops Metaverse, VR, AR, & MR technologies. This startup is reinventing how we engage with digital interfaces and enhancing the overall user experience.

Proficient Software

Offering an all-rounder solution for construction project management, Proficient Software streamlines project management processes in the construction industry, maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Aiming to revolutionize electronics and mobile applications, Revo provides innovative software solutions that are cutting-edge and user-friendly.


Fleetata simplifies the logistics supply chain, creating more streamlined and efficient processes. This startup is making movement of goods faster, easier and more reliable.


A reputable name in the software industry, CYBERPOWER TECH specialises in web applications and IT solutions, catering to various customer needs in a rapidly evolving tech-driven world.


Renowned for its impressive software solutions, Bayam excels in developing software tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.


Providing comprehensive ERP and CRM solutions, Wxora helps businesses streamline their operations, increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

Fuse Digital

Propelling businesses into the digital era, Fuse Digital is a digital agency passionately committed to helping businesses achieve optimal growth.


Enabling critical industries to develop and deploy optimization models with ease, Moopt is a cloud platform that combines innovation with functionality.


Leading the way in mobile app development, Fehux provides businesses with high-quality, user-friendly mobile applications that meet their specific needs.

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Providing an all-in-one online solution for the hospitality industry, Otel2Go helps hotels seamlessly manage their operations with an integrated dashboard.

VEXO Malaysia

Offering a wide range of digital products including smartboards, digital kiosks, and video walls, VEXO Malaysia is shaping the future of digital interfaces in Malaysia.

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