Which Singapore E-Commerce Startups Are Shaping The Industry in 2023?

Singapore has become a vibrant hub for E-commerce startups due to its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and a culture that encourages entrepreneurship. With a high internet penetration rate and a booming digital economy, Singaporean startups have quickly adopted e-commerce as a preferred business model. Here, we outline fifteen E-Commerce startups from Singapore that are making a significant impact on the industry with their innovative ideas and business models.

E-commerce startups in Singapore are diverse, ranging from unique marketplaces and subscription services to advanced payment gateways. The companies highlighted in this article show the broad spectrum of E-commerce possibilities in the country, which certainly promises exciting times ahead for this sector in Singapore.

This article aims to highlight these promising e-commerce startups, giving you an insight into their business operations and how they are helping to shape the e-commerce landscape and trends in Singapore and beyond.


Wholee is an exclusive member-only zero-markup web store. By eliminating the traditional retail markup, they give consumers unparalleled access to high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Offering a diverse array of merchandise, Wholee aims to redefine shopping by making it more economical and accessible to all.


SellerLot powers global borderless e-commerce. It provides an easy-to-use online platform that connects sellers and buyers around the world, expanding the reach of e-commerce beyond traditional borders and growing opportunities for international trade.


Considered the Stripe for bank transfers in ASEAN, Maesh is an innovative fintech startup offering an easy, secure, and quick method of money transfer. It is propelling e-commerce forward in Southeast Asia by enabling seamless online payments.

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Circular operates in the subscription e-commerce sector. The company simplifies recurring transactions, allowing businesses to create subscription-based models with ease and giving consumers greater flexibility and convenience in their online shopping.


Amai offers software that helps online stores grow by improving their e-commerce capabilities. With accessible tools and applications, Amai assists businesses in maximizing their online footprint and revenue capability.


UCARS is Singapore’s fastest-growing online marketplace for new and used cars. By connecting buyers and sellers in a trusted online platform, UCARS makes car buying and selling a smoother, easier process.


Etialy offers end-to-end omni-channel e-commerce solutions. It helps brands seamlessly integrate online and offline customer experiences, providing a comprehensive retail solution that optimizes business processes.


Playy.World is a global marketplace for trading collectible card games. With a vibrant community of players who share and compete in viral gaming content, Playy.World is fast becoming a favourite among trading card game enthusiasts.

Framing Me

Framing Me is a design-driven startup that aims to make both home and hybrid office work remarkable. Their product offerings promote productivity and inspiring work environments.


TiffinLabs creates and operates global restaurant brands made for delivery, revolutionizing the food delivery industry. They use technology, data, and culinary innovation to deliver high-quality food right to your doorstep.

Ox Street

Ox Street is an end-to-end marketplace for sneakers, streetwear, and other high-value branded items. Combining a love for fashion with the convenience of e-commerce, Ox Street has cultivated a dedicated following of fashion-forward customers.

Green Thumb X

Green Thumb X is an online e-commerce site that also runs a fleet of vending machines across Singapore. Their omnichannel approach allows customers to shop conveniently either online or offline, catering to various shopping preferences.

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Shopmatey aims to improve shopping experiences and bring e-commerce into a new era using technology. Their platform offers a comprehensive online shopping experience that is safe, easy, and enjoyable.


FishyHub operates an AI-powered Aquarium Marketplace, offering a cutting-edge online platform for aquarium enthusiasts. Their technology allows customers to explore, discover, and purchase all aquarium-related needs effortlessly.


Suggestr offers Facebook-quality product recommendations for Shopify, improving customer experience by providing personalized suggestions based on user preferences. This helps boost sales and cultivate a more engaged customer base for e-commerce businesses.

Singapore’s e-commerce scene is poised for continued growth, thanks to these innovative startups. These companies are at the forefront of leveraging technology to provide superior customer experiences, disruption traditional business models, and shaping the future of e-commerce.

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