Which Software Startups are Shaping the US Tech Industry in 2023?

The US tops the world when it comes to creating innovative and dynamic software startups. Each year, a selection of innovative software startups emerge on the scene, working to disrupt everything from how we work and play, to how we do business and even how we interact with the world around us. In this article, we will be shining a spotlight on 15 of the most promising players in the US software industry.

From human-centered automation systems to recruitment automation platforms and video foundation models, these startups are reimagining traditional business models, taking advantage of emerging technologies, and generally setting new standards for their respective industries. This roundup really emphasizes the breadth and vibrancy of the industry, showing off the potential of what smart, disruptive thinkers can accomplish.

So, let’s get into it and introduce some of the US’s most innovative and vibrant software start-ups. You can click on each company’s name to visit their website.


Prismatic is working to redefine how B2B SaaS companies handle integrations. With their embedded integration platform, they’re providing businesses a way to more seamlessly integrate and connect with each other. The company is based in the US and operates within the software industry.

Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs is making video foundation models accessible across various industries. Their APIs empower businesses and developers to build innovative and intelligent video products. They’re a US-based company operating within the software industry.

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Ox is pioneering human-centered automation systems. They’re designing and developing new ways of automating systems while maintaining a firm focus on the human element. Ox is a US-based software company.


Dashworks is all about enhancing productivity. The company developed an intelligent start page for teams, aiming to democratize their workflows and improve efficiency. Dashworks is situated in the United States and operates within the software industry.


TrueNorth is a software startup that empathizes with the problems of truckers. Providing a software solution to manage insurance, fuel, and maintenance, TrueNorth is contributing to streamline a trucker’s daily life. The company is based in the US.


Cortex is simplifying the management and operation of microservices with their software platform. This US-based company is offering solutions that will greatly enhance how businesses operate microservices.


Supermove is a web-based software designed to assist moving and storage companies. They provide an all-in-one software solution for running a moving company, and enjoy a broad client base in the United States.


Anrok is addressing the complex task of sales tax for SaaS businesses. As a modern sales tax solution provider, Anrok is simplifying a traditionally strenuous part of doing business in the online world.

Inner Cosmos

Inner Cosmos is producing Brain Computer Interface (BCI)-NeuroMedicine advancements. As a leading neurotechnology company, the US-based startup is spawning developments in understanding and working with the human brain.


Waterplan is a SaaS platform providing solutions for water management. Companies can effectively manage water availability in their facilities and supply chain, contributing to global efforts in water conservation.

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Teamflow brings teams together in a virtual office environment. By recreating the elements of a physical office in the digital realm, they’re helping dispersed teams work in harmony, maintaining a sense of community and culture in a remote work setup.


Kula streamlines hiring processes through recruitment automation. This platform enables hyper-growth companies to build massive talent pipelines on autopilot, vastly simplifying recruitment stages.


Chisel offers a product management tool to aid product managers in crafting successful outcomes. Driven by a vision to streamline product management, this US-based startup is paving the way for product managers to create better and more successful products.

Isometric Technologies

Isometric Technologies is a performance management solution provider for the supply chain industry. By implementing their technological advancements, efficiency can greatly be improved in the supply chain industry.


Rewatch gives teams the capacity to have a private and secure video channel. The startup provides an innovative way to communicate and share information effectively within a team in a highly secure setting.

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