Which Spanish Machine Learning Startups are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

Spain’s blossoming tech industry is marked by a dynamic ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. Among the different branches of technology, Machine Learning has emerged as a leading field, with a myriad of start-ups utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create groundbreaking solutions. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the most interesting and promising Machine Learning startups based in Spain, discussing their focus, innovations, and the impact they’re creating in their respective industries. From AI-powered dental care to humanized intelligence augmentation, these startups represent the future of AI.

Each of these startups has a unique take on machine learning technologies, developing state-of-the-art algorithms and models to transform data into actionable insights, automate processes, enhance decision-making and drive efficiencies. The diversity in the application of machine learning technologies among these startups is a testament to the versatility of AI and its potential in revolutionizing a wide array of sectors.

This array of startups also highlights Spain’s commitment to nurturing a robust AI ecosystem. The support from the government, venture capitalists, universities and research institutions has created an environment conducive for AI innovators. Now, let’s look at these companies in detail.

The MindKind

The MindKind is taking bold strides in defining what Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can achieve. The startup is working on bringing to life human-like intelligent, autonomous and adaptable avatars and NPC for the METAVERSE, thus merging the boundaries between the digital and physical realms. Check out their work here.

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Combining the power of crowdsourcing with AI, Berba offers enhanced translation services that bridge communication gaps across different languages. Using human-in-the-loop AI, the startup ensures accuracy while maintaining the nuance of human language.


Promos is applying machine learning technology to leverage crowdsourced market research data. Their approach illustrates the potential of AI in unlocking valuable insights from large datasets.

BEDROCK – Humanised Intelligence augmented

With a human-centered approach, Bedrock leverages data science and AI to deliver value in business digitalization. The startup aims to humanize intelligence augmentation, bringing a fresh perspective to AI implementation.

Sumo Analytics

Delivering unprecedented levels of forecasting accuracy at scale, Sumo Analytics provides a robust SaaS-based AI/ML technology. Their solutions empower businesses with actionable data-driven insights.


With an ingenious combination of tele-dentistry and AI, myDentist brings dental solutions directly to users. Their platform is a testament to AI’s potential in transforming health care services.


LA PIPA IS LA PIPA is a creative science-driven engine utilizing machine learning to bring change and newness. With their open-source cosmic address, they showcase the possibilities of machine learning in creative and unexpected ways.


GASTROCAMPO is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that uses machine learning to streamline and enhance interactions between restaurants, local shops, and independent food producers and artisans.

Stemic Drive

With their machine learning innovation, Stemic Drive helps enhance the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles, focusing on accident recovery.

PangeaMT (Machine Technologies)

PangeaMT leverages AI-enhanced language technologies to deliver a range of solutions including anonymizing content, summarizing texts, and creating private machine translation options in a SaaS or premises-based model.

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HayStack Analytica

Drawing insights from video interviews, values, needs, and personality analysis, HayStack Analytica pushes the boundaries of AI usage in culture assessment.


DevsHealth uses DeepTech insights, AI, and real-world data to develop novel anti-infectious treatments, underlining the transformative potential of machine learning in healthcare.


Helping companies replace painful processes with AI products, In2AI champions open innovation with agile implementation.

Claire Global

Integrating AI and machine learning, Claire Global is modernizing the agri-food industry with their online marketplace, improving connections between producers and consumers.

Marexi AI

Although lacking a website, Marexi AI stands as a unique platform for the development and commercialization of AI solutions across various industries in Spain.

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