Which US Enterprise Applications Startups are Pivotal in 2023’s Business Landscape?

Enterprises often require dedicated and specially designed software applications to improve their processes and operations. To that end, several startups have entered the playing field, introducing innovative solutions aimed at helping businesses grow. This article will take you through 15 of such pioneering startups based in United States, creating waves in the Enterprise Applications space.

Each startup has its unique approach to solving business challenges, with ideas ranging from cloud-based source-to-pay software to AI-based coaching platforms, and collaborative management tools to wallet applications for Web 3.0. These startups promise potential synergies by integrating their solutions into the existing business processes.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these startups and understand what makes them tick.


Ledgerama is a developer of enterprise-grade applications dedicated to Web 3.0. They provide their customers with superior solutions to manage their digital currencies and other blockchain-based transactions.


Allma offers a unique incident and operations collaborative management tool. This application helps organizations proactively manage operational incidents and streamline the workflow.


1440 is a SaaS Conversational Commerce platform that aims at enhancing customer engagement and personalizing their buying experience.

Manan AI

Manan AI is integrating AI and Web3 technologies to create VoicePrint for Metaverse, dApps, Games, and Wallets, enabling a new dimension in user interaction and engagement.


Zumen brings to the table a cloud-based source-to-pay software aimed at product manufacturing companies. Zumen’s solution streamlines the procurement process, significantly reducing operational costs.

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Empida is striving to tackle workplace burnout and enhance retention by promoting team cohesion through psychology and gamification.

AuditDeploy, Inc.

AuditDeploy, Inc. builds developer productivity and efficiency tools. Their aim is to make the software delivery process simple and efficient.


BenchK12 offers an empowered substitute teaching experience, making the process more manageable and efficient for both schools and substitute teachers.

Avail Labs

Avail Labs provides an end-to-end solution for distributors, aiming to help grow their clients’ businesses by leveraging advanced technologies.


Grantey uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to streamline the grant application writing process for Academic, Healthcare, and Biomedical Research Institutions.


Natifi empowers enterprises to think fast and build faster. Their solution enhances business agility by honing decision-making processes and facilitating the rapid development of business applications.

Accessed Space

Accessed Space‘s software assists businesses in achieving organization and time saving with onboarding, managing software, and company issued equipment.

Inflexion Point

Inflexion Point offers enterprise mixed reality application development and are the creators of Byldr, an on-device, no-code mixed reality authoring tool.


Coachabl is a scalable coaching platform powered by human-centric AI. Their innovative approach results in personalized and efficient coaching experiences, scalable across numerous users.

Divy Rewards App

Divy Rewards App is a social application designed for digital branding and reward sharing. It provides an engaging platform to foster loyalty and enhance brand reputation through reward systems.

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