Who are Brazil’s Most Innovative and Influential Service industry Startups?

Brazil has consistently proven itself to be a fertile ground for startups, particularly in the service industry. The dynamic combination of youthful entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, and market demand has seen the emergence of a fascinating range of companies catering to local and overseas markets. Here are 15 of these companies that are making waves in their respective fields.

Recognizing the ongoing global shift towards convenience and virtual services, several Brazilian startups have harnessed technology to streamline and enhance delivery, retail, and healthcare services, among others. They are not only solving practical daily problems, but also reshaping the economy and setting new standards for businesses worldwide.

As the following descriptions demonstrate, each of these companies offers its own unique blend of pioneering ideas and practical services. From automation of business processes to healthcare management and everything in between, these startups embody the innovative spirit of Brazil’s service industry.

Nana Delivery

Nana Delivery is a user-friendly app that brings grocery shopping to your fingertips. Providing delivery services that are both affordable and accessible, the company is simplifying daily routines for customers across Brazil.


Strengthening Brazil’s supply chain capabilities, Onedoor offers a platform that provides comprehensive logistics, retail, and supply chain services, catering to a variety of businesses and industries.


Vivalisto is revolutionizing the real estate industry by offering a platform that combines websites, integrations, CRM, and commercial and legal advice. By offering an all-in-one solution, it is becoming a go-to tool for realtors.

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Responding to the digital transformation wave in healthcare, PedBot has developed a chatbot platform designed specifically for pharmacies, offering seamless communication and enhancing customer service.

Lobby Tech

Lobby Tech enhances brand experiences by providing tailor-made welcome kits for employees and customers, adding a personal touch to engagement strategies.


GoPrestador uses search algorithms and geolocation to connect service providers to condominiums and residents, fostering a reliable network that meets various maintenance needs.

Videvince Ventures

Videvince Ventures is an entrepreneurial catalyst, partnering with entrepreneurs and companies to bring innovative solutions to market effectively.


Without a website but making a strong impact nonetheless, Efficopar offers business-to-business services specifically for large water and sewage utilities, a crucial sector in Brazil’s infrastructure domain.

Valeyou Tecnologia Ltda

Valeyou is an income generation and financial solutions platform, poised to empower Brazil’s economically disadvantaged groups by providing accessible financial options.


AsQ is a healthcare management firm that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive analysis to enhance healthcare delivery and patient experiences.


As an information technology company, Brand is bringing greater efficiency and productivity to a range of businesses by offering IT solutions tailored to their needs.


Veksti is revolutionizing healthcare delivery with an online platform that offers telemedicine solutions, potentially transforming the way Brazilians access and receive healthcare services.


Purveyor of fine coffees, Agrorigem, markets its produce to national and international markets, promoting Brazilian products to a global audience.


Fiscontech has made it its mission to automate fiscal and tax processes, aimed at making customers more productive and efficient in managing their finances.

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Helpvend has tapped into the thriving online shopping market, offering a versatile online marketplace where a variety of goods and services can be bought and sold.

In conclusion, these Brazilian startups are not only contributing to the country’s economy but also setting a high bar for innovation and service with their unique business models and offerings. These companies are shedding light on the rich potential of the Brazilian service industry, making it a sector to watch for the years to come.

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