Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Internet Startups Impacting 2023?

The Internet has revolutionized the world, opening doors to new and innovative applications for individuals and corporations across the globe. As the innovation hub of North America, Canada has been home to an increasing number of exciting Internet startups that redefine the way we live and conduct business. This article showcases a collection of promising Internet companies in Canada, each contributing uniquely to various sectors of the digital economy.

These startups have been selected for their inventive application of digital technology, transformative solutions, and potential for large-scale impact. Canadian startups demonstrate their diversity and prowess across a broad range of industries including financial services, data analytics, metaverse construction, e-commerce, remote work, and more. These companies are reimagining traditional industries and paving the way to a digitized future.

This article will immerse you in the vibrant startup ecosystem of Canada. It will take you on a journey through exciting firms pioneering breakthrough solutions that promise to shape the digital landscape of tomorrow. Let’s dive in and explore 15 promising Internet startups and companies in Canada’s burgeoning digital economy.

Yr Plans

Yr Plans develops a financial platform aimed at providing financial plans for employees. As more companies explore ways to enhance employee benefits, Yr Plans is at the forefront of this initiative, making workplace financial planning more accessible!


Hyke redefines consumer data analytics by advocating for transparency. The startup fosters a consumer-centric approach that empowers users while delivering actionable data insights.

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As the world’s first metaverse built by the community, for the community, Rotas brings together like-minded individuals and puts the control back into the hands of users.

Dot Dating App

Dot Dating is an ingenious mobile app that matches dating partners based on geographical location and interests. The company is redefining digital dating to be more personalized and effective.


Imagine a digital time capsule, and you have memoryKPR. This startup is harnessing technology to treasure, preserve, and share meaningful memories over time.


Learning languages just got easier with Fluent. As a unique chrome extension, Fluent helps users learn new languages while they browse the web, integrating learning into daily digital habits.

Purple Cow Internet

Purple Cow Internet offers internet services that ensure Canadians can connect, share, and create in the digital world with ease.


atomo is a continuous discovery platform for product teams. Bridging gaps between ideas and execution, atomo is contributing to a richer digital product landscape.

Good People

Good People uses AI technology to help individuals understand their clients and relationships better. Their solutions enable enhanced relationship management and client servicing.


PMML brings investors closer to the burgeoning esports market through a diversified holding structure, thus capitalizing on the growing popularity and market potential of esports.


Student-Stop is a comprehensive web platform that provides international students with all the necessary services online, enhancing the overseas study experience.

Xigem Technologies

Xigem Technologies is a SaaS platform tailoring solutions for the growing remote economy. Their digital solutions are geared towards the emerging ‘work from anywhere’ trend.

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Open Industry

Open Industry is a unique marketplace that connects industry experts with leading organizations. They facilitate innovation and thought leadership across various sectors.


Weav is revolutionizing city-to-city travel by creating a simple platform for ride-sharing, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


Plate-X harnesses big data to innovate in the food industry. The startup creates snacks from self-invented ingredients, grown from deserted land and salt-water, demonstrating a sustainable approach to food production.

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