Who are Distrito Especial’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Today?

Distrito Especial, Colombia, home of some of the most exciting FinTech startups in Latin America, is buzzing with innovation and new ideas. From innovative digital ledger apps to platforms for simplifying B2B payments, these startups are revolutionising the financial services sector and opening up new possibilities for individuals and businesses alike. Here, we showcase 15 of these dynamic startups paving the way for a new era in FinTech.

These companies are not just changing the financial landscape in Colombia, but across Latin America and in some cases, globally. By leveraging technology, they are helping to democratise access to financial services, increase financial inclusion, and drive economic development.

Let’s have a closer look at these startups who have caught our attention for their innovative approach, their ability to solve real problems and their potential for disrupting financial practices.


Treinta, a digital ledger app designed for Latin American microbusinesses, assists them in managing their finances more effectively, thereby contributing to their growth and economic sustainability.


Bold is a dynamic startup creating financial tools intended to bolster sales by facilitating card payments, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Lulo Bank

Lulo Bank is an innovative mobile banking app providing a wide range of financial services, including seamless money transfers.


Cobre is helping in the creation of workplace banks in Latin America, marking a novel approach to financial inclusion in the Latin American workplace.

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Milio provides a B2B payment infrastructure for emerging markets, simplifying and enhancing B2B transactions through a singular API.


Avista is revolutionising individuals’ financial lives through an ecosystem of straightforward, digital credit solutions.


Castia is a prop-tech startup that smoothens the relocation process for Latin American homeowners looking to move to a new property.


Plurall focuses on improving the financial inclusion of solo-preneurs in Colombia, thus fostering entrepreneurship and business growth.


Trii is a mobile platform that empowers retail investors to buy both US and local equities in Latin America.


Mono is an innovative neobank designed to match the needs of small to medium-sized businesses in Colombia.


AAA, a Colombian FinTech startup with no designated website, is a mysterious player doing significant work in the local financial digital scene.


Luable aids in Latin American FinTech by allowing individuals to invest in high-yield fixed-term products from local banks.

Quipu Bank

Quipu Bank is a fair and inclusive FinTech startup, creating alternative financial services for informal microbusinesses in Latin America.


Kala is an emerging lending marketplace designed for financial institutions, bringing a fresh approach to lending practices.


Littio offers sophisticated financial systems for developing economies, contributing to their financial stability and growth.

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