Who are Germany’s Most Innovative and Impactful Internet Startups Today?

Germany boasts an ever-growing base of innovative internet startups that continue to transform industries and redefine the standards of digital innovation. The country’s vibrant startup ecosystem is a hotbed for creative ideas, fostering companies that span a variety of sectors including fashion, compliance, nutrition, and more. In this post, we’ll profile 15 of the most promising internet startups based in Germany that are worth keeping an eye on.

These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer unique solutions that are not only meeting consumers’ needs but also shaping market trends. From Saas Compliance solutions to online nutrition consulting services, these startups are disrupting the status quo and leading the charge into the digital future. Each company listed has the potential to become a game-changer in its own right, thanks to its innovative products, services, or business models.

Without further ado, let’s dive into highlighting these 15 interesting startups from Germany!


UNOWN is on a mission to redefine the fashion commerce through a better integration of rental, resale and try-before-buy solutions. They operate as a B2B SaaS company and aim to promote circularity in the fashion industry.


Sawayo is streamlining compliance and workflow automation processes for SMEs. Their cloud-based SaaS solution is flexible and scalable, designed to modernize processes and simplify operations.


Miljn collects expert knowledge and makes it executable. This internet-based company is a hub for expertise and insights, fostering informed decision-making within organizations or individual SMEs.

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Foodiary offers an online nutrition consulting service. They provide support and knowledge to their app users in building and maintaining healthy eating habits. This takes nutrition consulting and guidance to a whole new level.


MyTaag offers customizable, smart stickers and cards that can double as digital business cards, stepping up the contactless networking game in the digital age.


Givetastic develops a SaaS, mobile apps, and a giving and social engagement platform for employees. It’s a brilliant solution that fosters a culture of giving within the workplace.


Expozed1 is an online space that provide businesses with everything they need to maximize their full potential. This simple yet effective approach can revolutionize businesses performance.


DeskNow is a SaaS solutions company offering cloud-based services. This approach aims to enhance communication, efficiency and overall productivity in businesses.


Egora is an online marketplace that connects you to local stores in your city. With a commitment to speedy delivery, they emphasize supporting local businesses while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Pickar is changing the game when it comes to selecting the right studies. Their unique online analysis-tools streamline the process, making it both effective and efficient.


SCNE operates as an accelerator, incubator, and language learning company. This integrated approach creates a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurial growth and success.


Replique operates the first fully encrypted 3D printing platform online, making spare part management more sustainable for large OEMs. This unique approach bridges technology and sustainability.


Abowire is the perfect solution for B2B subscriptions looking to grow without stress and increase recurring revenue. It’s a platform that drives success by strategically optimizing subscription models.

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Aplano’s online employee scheduling software simplifies employee management. Ideal for businesses with up to 500 users, it’s a resource that enhances efficiency and productivity.

CLUP.life GmbH

CLUP.life is a social network for community clubs, associations and its members. They’re transforming communication by making messenger services interoperable.

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