Who are India’s Pioneering Analytics Startups Transforming the Tech Ecosystem?

India is fast evolving as a hub for significant technology innovation and development in the field of analytics. Thousands of start-ups are emerging that leverage the power of data analytics to solve complex business problems. In this article, we discuss some interesting startups who are making strides in the analytics industry in India.

The role of analytics is to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and insights in structured and unstructured data sets. This function is especially crucial in India, given its rapidly growing population and increasing digitalisation. Hence, the expanding analytics industry provides an excellent opportunity for India to be a global leader in data-driven intelligence.

The following companies have not only successfully adopted advanced analytics but are also pushing its boundaries to help businesses make data-based decisions and predictions. Their unique solutions are being leveraged across multiple industries, including Finance, Healthcare, Automobile, and Logistics, among others. Let’s take a look at them:

Intents Mobi

Intents Mobi specialises in using analytics for improving road safety and enhancing logistics services. Employing data-driven solutions, they seek to streamline the complex structures in the logistics industry and increase operational efficiency.

Sage Titans

This data-driven marketing agency uses the power of analytics to transform businesses digitally. They offer a diverse range of services including Business Consulting, Web Analytics & ORM services to clients globally.


RationalStat is a global market intelligence firm that offers research reports and tailored market analysis across various industries. They specialize in turning data into actionable insight for enhanced decision-making.

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PulsOps provides a no-code analytics platform that makes data accessible and usable for everyone, reducing the dependency on technical experts for data analysis. This platform allows organizations to derive insights quickly and effectively.

Skewb Analytics

Skewb Analytics offers transformational solutions to businesses with their expertise in Data Analytics. They provide strategic insights to help businesses evolve and succeed in the market.


Xtraleap designs data analytics software that enables businesses to understand their data better and make informed decisions. Their software is equipped with features like advanced data querying, visual dashboards, and comprehensive reporting.


Udshaa is a fast-growing startup in the analytics industry. They offer an efficient platform that seamlessly manages high-volume queries and helps businesses to find substantial insights from their data.

Inroads Analytics

Offering predictive analytics and machine learning for enrollment management services, Inroads Analytics deals with data intensive services to help businesses gain insights into customer behavior and guide marketing strategies.

Bohling Consulting

Bohling Consulting offers marketing and predictive analytics services. By leveraging data and applying it to business problems, they provide actionable insights for companies to improve their marketing strategies and outcomes.

Relentless Dealer Services

Integrating analytics with financial services, Relentless Dealer Services provides expert training, lending, wealth management, and F&I products. They leverage data to understand market trends and make financial predictions.


Talligence offers a unique AI and ML-powered BI solution that helps businesses convert vast amounts of data into meaningful insights. Their solution is designed to help businesses make faster, data-driven decisions.


FollowerSearch is a Twitter analytics company that helps businesses understand their Twitter followers, compare follower lists, and conduct comprehensive Twitter bio searches. The company delivers unique Twitter analytics to help businesses optimize their social media strategy.

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TrueInsights’ principle is simple – providing useful analytics for everyone. They aim to eliminate the complexities of most analytics tools, making data analysis and interpretation accessible to all.


Known as India’s Corporate Search Engine, Finanvo is a technology and analytics-based B2B risk management and monitoring platform. Operating on data-driven intelligence, Finanvo provides crucial insights to businesses for risk assessment.

Neo Clarity

Neo Clarity brings a unique proposition to the table with its free user session analytics tool for businesses’ websites. It offers features like user journey tracking, heatmaps, and user activity analysis, providing key insights into user behavior on the website.

These start-ups have successfully embraced analytics to provide innovative solutions that are disrupting traditional business operations. As the demand for data insight grows, so will the continue success and influence of these analytics start-ups in India, and beyond.

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