Who are India’s Top Network Security Startups Shaping the Industry in 2023?

India has seen a new wave of Network Security startups that have taken root in the tech scene recently. These startups are aiming to change the cybersecurity landscape by introducing advanced solutions and dynamic strategies. From consolidated bug bounty platforms to comprehensive cybersecurity services, these budding companies represent the resilience, innovation, and creativity of the Indian tech sector. In this article, we introduce you to 15 such ambitious companies making their mark in the Network Security industry.


BugBase emerges as India’s first consolidated Bug Bounty Platform targeting network security issues. Their unique platform not only opens up advancements in the cybersecurity sector but also provides an engaging environment for ethical hackers.


Specializing in cybersecurity, SD-WAN, and network security services, FireShark offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions. With their advanced services, they help businesses protect their infrastructures from cyber threats.


StateRAMP is a nonprofit membership organization offering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions to members. They aim to provide secure and reliable network infrastructures through their advanced services.


As a global cybersecurity marketplace, Onefede provides a complete range of cybersecurity services for various organizations, ensuring high-level protection against possible cyberattacks.


HackShield, secures devices against phishing attacks and vulnerabilities due to expired updates or third-party app installations. With their top-notch technologies, they aim to create a safer cyberspace for users.

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SysYork Technologies

SysYork Technologies is a Cyber Security service provider offering Risk MGMT services across the globe. Their extensive risk management techniques make them a go-to cybersecurity company.

Illume Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd.

Illume Intelligence strategies help to safeguard against most critical cyberattacks. They provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions including threat intelligence for businesses of all sizes.

CYBOT-X Technologies

CYBOT-X is an Indian cybersecurity company providing cybersecurity services and products, aimed at improving businesses security operations and protecting vital data.

OwnZap Infosec Pvt. Ltd.

OwnZap Infosec digitally shields the cyberspace by offering various Cyber Security services, enhancing digital security solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Jangras Web Services (JWS)

Jangras Web Services provides a range of services including secure sockets layer, code guard, website builder, CMS management, and content delivery network enhancing security of your web services.


UFO VPN, created by Dreamfii, is specially designed for Android devices. It is a secure and private solution for internet users worldwide, helping you access content without restrictions.


WhistleBugle is a finance service, and network company focusing on ensuring the security of financial transactions and network systems.


FlashVPN is a simple to use, stable VPN service to help users reach their desired content with enhanced privacy and security.

MK Cyber Services

MK Cyber Services offers cybersecurity services, with a focus on protecting businesses against potential cyber threats, securing business systems, and ensuring the smooth operation of the organizations.

Ochrona Security

Ochrona is an open-source project for managing security vulnerabilities and license violations in open-source Python dependencies. Their innovative approach with open-source Python brings new possibilities for cyber security mitigation.

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These Indian Network Security startups are fully equipped with the potentials and capabilities to guard against rising cyber threats. Each having their unique approaches in ensuring the cyber world a safer place.

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