Who Are Rajasthan’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups Shaping 2023?

Known for its cultural richness and historic monuments, Rajasthan, an Indian state located in the western part of the country, is flourishing with numerous e-commerce startups. This growth has significantly contributed to the diversity of the e-commerce landscape in the region, attracting consumers with engaging shopping experiences, high-quality products, and impressive customer service. Let’s explore some of these innovative startups that are setting trends in the e-commerce space.

Minimalist (Beminimalist)

On a mission to bring transparency to the beauty industry, the Rajasthan based e-commerce startup Minimalist offers a skincare line that promotes skin health rather than promising unrealistic beauty standards. The company emphasizes the use of active ingredients with proven efficacy and transparency in its labeling to empower its customers.


Targeting health-conscious families, Gladful, another e-commerce startup from Rajasthan, delivers a range of protein-rich foods online for kids and families. The company provides healthy, high-quality products that drive wellness and taste.


As the leading e-commerce store in India for selling and buying new/unboxed consumer electronics, Grabgear.in offers products at competitive prices. It aims to provide tech enthusiasts with an array of gadgets to choose from.


For those looking to save more on their online purchases, Bachat provides innovative cashback and coupon solutions. By offering attractive discounts on various products and services, Bachat encourages smart and cost-effective shopping.

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Characterized by its wide array of designer Anarkali Suits, Kurta, Tops, and Shirts for women, Addory.com is known for its exquisite collection of women’s wear. The company provides access to thousands of trendy design options, encouraging modern Indian women to express themselves.

Adarsh Kisan Mart Pvt Ltd

The e-commerce store for shopping and retail, Adarsh Kisan Mart caters to a wide range of customers and their shopping needs. It promises a seamless user experience, providing a platform for shopping enthusiasts to indulge in their retail therapy.


Your one-stop-shop for fresh fruits and vegetables is here. Agrofare delivers fresh produce directly to your doorstep, taking away the hassle of queues and trips to the market.


Focused on providing excellent analytics, Minstein offers a platform for businesses using Shopify. With Minstein, businesses can efficiently track growth, sales, customers, and finances.


Zebrs is an e-commerce platform that guarantees an easy, secure, and fast online shopping experience. Offering a wide range of products, Zebrs aims to redefine the online shopping experience in India.


Make your living spaces cozier with the range of bedding products from Fabborn. Fabborn’s online store offers unique designs that could transform your homes into stylish living spaces.


As an early-stage e-commerce platform in India, Nexhour strives to provide a convenient and efficient online shopping experience replete with various products and services.

HandyCraft World

Adding color to the e-commerce space, HandyCraft World offers exquisite handicrafts from different parts of the world. It aims to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship to a global audience.

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Green Feels

Green Feels offers eco-friendly products for everyday living. By stocking sustainable product line, it empowers consumers to live a greener, environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

GoingZero – A Zero Waste Store In India

If you’re looking to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, GoingZero can help. As India’s premium online zero waste store, it offers 100% vegan and plastic-free products from eco-conscious brands. Ideal for those passionate about sustainable living.

Indie Jhola

Indie Jhola is a digital store offering a wide range of clothing, jewelry, gifts, home decor, footwear, and accessories. This e-commerce platform is a haven for shoppers seeking unique and exquisite products.

These innovative e-commerce startups from Rajasthan are transforming shopping experiences with their unique products and solutions. With a surge in e-commerce growth due to increased internet penetration and growing consumer comfort with online shopping, the future is bright for these startups.

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