Who Are Sweden’s Game Changers in the 2023 Internet Startup Scene?

Sweden remains at the fore of the technology revolution playing host to an increasing number of internet startups. With a thriving startup ecosystem, fuelled by a strong tradition of entrepreneurship, top-notch infrastructure, small and open economy, and a strong venture capital presence, the country is a fertile ground for internet companies. Here, we explore 15 innovative, game-changing internet startups in Sweden, a powerhouse not just of established tech giants but of ambitious, disruptive, new tech players.

From meme markets to streaming services, SaaS apps to digital marketing, these startups touch every aspect of our daily life, redefining the way we learn, work, and entertain ourselves. These startups amalgamate creativity, innovative ideas, and advanced technologies to ferry their internet-based services across a slowly deglobalizing world. Their on-going quest for finding new solutions to current problems that speed up digital transformation is as inspiring as the solutions themselves.

Let’s have a look at these exciting, potentially game-changing startups that might inspire you to ideate the next big thing:


Meme.com is a unique platform dedicated to meme markets and trend exploration, making the most out of internet culture. Their mission is to bring light-hearted, fun content to audiences worldwide, proving that internet startups don’t always have to be ultra-serious.

playground TV

Playground TV is a safe, multi-platform streaming service centered around children’s programming. By putting the user’s safety at the heart of their offering, Playground TV enhances the value proposition of their streaming content.

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Ding Dong

Ding Dong is an online convenience store that offers a wide selection of everyday products straight to your door. From fresh fruits and vegetables to drinks, they ensure your needs are met efficiently and promptly.


Volubus optimizes global minibus and coach travel through sophisticated data and technology solutions. Advancing public transport in a digital era, they are a fine example of innovation in an unexpected industry.


GoldenVagance is a startup building an eCommerce operation specializing in the fashion industry. Their goal is to provide a seamless shopping experience for the modern online consumer.


Gridly offers a dynamic spreadsheet for multi-language content specifically designed for games and digital products. Their product aids in the localization and optimization of digital content.

Incubator List

Incubator List is a curated directory and search engine for startup accelerators, incubators, and VC firms. It has become a valuable tool for startups looking to secure investment and guidance.


Hume aims to revamp the hiring process with a new interview companion tool. This innovative service is working to make recruiting more effective and efficient for both applicants and businesses.


Pembio offers a SaaS app designed to improve human productivity through effective goal-setting, execution, follow-up, and constant fine-tuning. It’s a personal development coach in an application.


EGG provides easy access to DeFi (decentralized finance) markets with a platform that filters top staking and liquidity mining opportunities. They are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, making it more accessible to the masses.


Boneo is an online platform revolutionizing the property industry by making buying and selling homes easy and hassle-free. Through efficient utilization of technology, they have reduced traditional real estate hassles.

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Onsiter is a marketplace connecting contractors with clients seeking their services. They are making the contractor hiring process simpler than ever before.


FreyaVPN offers VPN access, cybersecurity and data protection services. They play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and secure online experience for users worldwide.

Nineteen Media Group

Nineteen Media Group is a digital media agency that specializes in creating successful social media marketing campaigns. Their services have helped companies grow their online reach and drive real business results.

These startups are testaments to Sweden’s ingrained innovative culture and its exciting, dynamic startup ecosystem that values creative solutions and places a high value on digital advancement. They are young, they are ambitious, and, most importantly, they are agents of change, shaping and influencing diverse industries by their internet operations. Let’s keep our eyes on them as they ride on this digital wave to success.

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