Who are the Most Impactful US Sharing Economy Startups Today?

The Sharing Economy is experiencing its finest hour, and the entrepreneurial world is catching on fire. From shared workspaces to car rentals, new and innovative startups are transforming traditional industries and shaking the very foundation of our economy. Here is a look at 15 remarkable startups contributing to the shared economy.

At the crux of the sharing economy lies a simple yet powerful idea: Access over ownership. We are now in the midst of a transition from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ society, where people are moving away from owning goods to merely using them. It’s an exciting widescale shift in consumption, and businesses are riding the wave.

Consequently, a myriad of startups utilizing shared economy strategies have emerged in the United States. These display a rich variety of innovative solutions that play a key role in this shift. So without further ado, let’s delve into these startups and take a closer look at what each brings to the table.


Flyp offers an automated AI solution that converts used goods into cash. This digital magic trick allows anyone sitting on unused possessions to monetize them effortlessly, making Flyp an integral player in the sharing economy of the United States.

Muver: Gig Driver workspace

Muver is an all-in-one platform catering to gig workers in the ride hailing and delivery industries. With support for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and more, Muver is the Swiss army knife for the gig economy participants.

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inspace innovatively transforms companies’ offices into hybrid workspaces, all while helping them save up to 50% on rent. This US-based startup has captured the essence of the sharing economy and applied it to the office industry, shaping the future of work with a win-win solution.


CapExpert is a digital procurement platform that enables smarter and faster procurement and medical equipment management. It epitomizes the shared economy in the medical sector by streamlining the supply chain process, turning it into a swift and efficient engine.

Flexie Inc.

Flexie puts flexibility at the reins, offering a platform for people to find flexible jobs and equitable benefits. It also helps businesses fill staffing gaps, reflecting the essence of the sharing economy’s efficiency and convenience.


YoYoBoat creates a space for peer-to-peer boat rental, specifically for boats under 26 feet. It brings an unheard concept to life, proving just how diverse the sharing economy’s landscape can be.


Lovd.com is a marketplace for buying and selling previously loved goods conveniently. The startup offers a 24-hour pick-up and delivery system, ensuring both buyers and sellers reap the benefits of shared goods without any hassle.


Hubbster offers easy access to outdoor games and exercise gear in shared spaces, essentially digitizing the recreational equipment rental industry. Whether these spaces are public or private, Hubbster makes sure you have what you need for a good time.

Artist On Go

Empowering beauty creators with a ‘business in a box solution’, ArtistOnGo lets individuals operate their business independently, turning the beauty industry into a landscape equipped for the sharing economy.

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Paydrop helps gig-economy workers with payment infrastructures. They specialize in streamlining transactions making it efficient and frictionless, proving the sharing economy isn’t just about goods and services but also payments.


Liqui is a marketplace where gig workers can find jobs, manage their income and build an employment record. With Liqui, gig workers not only find a variety of job opportunities but also manage their finances efficiently.


Jackalope provides a comprehensive suite of tools for intelligent self-employment. Created with the vision of making work smarter, not harder, Jackalope is playing a key role in shaping the future of the gig economy.


Sumn offers ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ by providing an on-demand EV car-sharing platform. Demonstrating the mobility possibilities of the sharing economy, Sumn is driving the electric vehicle industry into new territory.


Findable is an internet company specializing in lending, renting, sharing and smart contracts. It implements blockchain and uses it to transform how people access shared goods and services, leading the digital transformation in the sharing economy.

Greenclick Technologies

Greenclick is a car-sharing platform, reflecting the transportation industry’s continued shift towards shared mobility solutions. Encouraging efficient use of resources, Greenclick is fueling the drive towards a more sustainable future.

These startups represent the budding prowess of the sharing economy. From medical equipment sharing to ride-hailing integration, these enterprises are making waves in their respective fields. Over and above, they stand to provide a glimpse into how the future of the economy will look – shared, sustainable and empowered.

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