15 Innovative E-Commerce Companies in Berlin: Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Industry

The e-commerce industry in Berlin is rapidly expanding, with new startups emerging and changing the way we shop online. From personalized shopping experiences to sustainable platforms, these 15 innovative e-commerce companies in Berlin are paving the way for the future of online shopping.

Urbify: Same-Day and Next-Day Deliveries Made Easy

Urbify is an integrated delivery operating system that allows online retailers to provide same-day and next-day deliveries. With their advanced logistics platform, Urbify ensures that packages are delivered on time and without any hassle.

Yepoda: Online Skincare Shopping at Its Finest

Yepoda is an online seller of high-quality skincare products. From cleansers to serums, they offer a wide range of products that are carefully selected to cater to different skin types and concerns.

SellerX: Making Amazon Businesses More Successful

SellerX buys and builds Amazon businesses, helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. With SellerX, entrepreneurs can sell their businesses and reap the rewards of their hard work.

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Lumaly: Your Digital Shopping Assistant

Lumaly is a digital shopping assistant that supports users across their entire shopping journey. From browsing to checkout, Lumaly offers personalized recommendations and expert advice to make online shopping a breeze.

WAANDA: Connecting African SME Artisans with European Retailers

WAANDA is a B2B wholesale marketplace that connects African SME artisans with European retailers. By leveraging technology, WAANDA enables artisans to showcase their products to a wider audience, while offering retailers unique and high-quality products.

Meetsales: The Headless Video-Based Web App Your B2B Sales Team Needs

Meetsales is a headless video-based web app that empowers B2B sales teams to close deals faster. With Meetsales, sales teams can create personalized videos and track customer engagement, making the sales process more efficient.

charles: Integrating E-Commerce and Chatbot Tools into One Interface

charles is a software platform that helps companies integrate their existing e-commerce and chatbot tools into one interface. By streamlining customer interactions, charles helps companies improve customer engagement and increase sales.

Footprint Technologies: AI-Powered Clothing Measurements

Footprint Technologies uses AI-powered technology to measure body parts and associated clothing. By providing accurate and reliable measurements, Footprint Technologies helps customers find the perfect fit, reducing the need for returns and exchanges.

jooli.com GmbH: Video Shopping with Individual Advice

jooli.com is a video shopping app that offers retailers individual advice. With jooli.com, retailers can provide personalized recommendations to customers, creating a unique shopping experience.

STRAYZ: The First Social Pet Food Brand

STRAYZ is the first social pet food brand that aims to save all street cats and dogs by selling premium organic pet food. With every purchase, customers are helping to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

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GreenCircle: Sustainable Platform for Pre-Owned Household Goods

GreenCircle is a sustainable platform that enables customers to sell, buy, and subscribe to pre-owned durable household goods. By promoting the circular economy, GreenCircle helps reduce waste and promote sustainability.

refive: E-Commerce Level Personalization for Brick and Mortar Stores

refive offers e-commerce level personalization and engagement for brick and mortar stores. By leveraging customer data, refive helps retailers create personalized shopping experiences that keep customers coming back.

LABELS: 0 Waste, 0 Emissions, 30-Minute Deliveries

LABELS brings 0 waste, 0 emissions, and 30-minute deliveries to e-commerce. With their sustainable platform, LABELS is redefining the way we shop online, making it easy and convenient to be environmentally responsible.

Honest & Rare: Online Marketplace for Rare High-Quality Drinks

Honest & Rare is an online marketplace for rare high-quality drinks. From whiskies to rare wines, Honest & Rare offers a curated selection of unique beverages that are hard to find elsewhere.

7Learnings: Price Optimization SaaS for Online Retailers

7Learnings offers a price optimization SaaS for online retailers. By leveraging AI and machine learning, 7Learnings helps retailers optimize their pricing strategies to maximize revenue and profitability.


these 15 innovative e-commerce companies in Berlin are revolutionizing the online shopping industry with their advanced technology, sustainability practices, and personalized experiences. They are setting the bar high for the future of e-commerce, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Whether you’re a customer or an entrepreneur, these companies offer something for everyone, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. Thank you for including refive! We are proud to be empowering omnichannel retailers to engage with their customers in new and innovative ways. Our customer operating system enables retailers to seamlessly capture zero- and first-party data from both in-store and online touchpoints, and create a 360-degree view of each customer’s behavior and interactions. This allows retailers to engage with their customers across channels and post-purchase in a thoughtful and personalized way, leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

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