15 Must-See Berlin Internet Startups That Will Blow Your Mind

Berlin has been at the forefront of innovation and creativity, with a thriving startup ecosystem that fosters growth and collaboration. The city is home to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and investors, who are driving the growth of the digital economy. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting internet companies in Berlin that are changing the game with their disruptive business models and innovative solutions.

GameValues: Next-Generation P2P Trading Platform for Gamers

GameValues is a P2P trading platform that allows gamers to buy, sell, and trade virtual assets for real money. The platform enables gamers to turn their digital assets into real-world value, making gaming more rewarding and engaging. With a secure and user-friendly interface, GameValues has quickly become a popular platform for gamers looking to monetize their gaming skills.

Duke: The First Seamless and Digital Car Rental Experience

Duke is a digital car rental platform that offers a seamless and hassle-free rental experience. The platform enables users to rent cars on-demand, without any paperwork or long wait times. With a wide range of vehicles available, Duke is quickly becoming a popular choice for travelers and locals alike.

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Newsbriefs: The Mobile App for Immigrants in Europe

Newsbriefs is a mobile app that provides a quick and easy way for immigrants in Europe to stay informed. The app delivers daily news updates in less than 10 minutes, in multiple languages, and covers a wide range of topics, from politics to culture. With its user-friendly interface and curated content, Newsbriefs has become an essential tool for immigrants looking to stay up-to-date.

WeShape: The CSR Engagement Platform for Corporate Giving

WeShape is a CSR engagement platform that enables companies to share their corporate giving with stakeholders, creating a sense of purpose and ownership. The platform fosters collaboration between companies, employees, and communities, enriching brand value and social impact.

RYDES: Mobility Solutions for Fighting Climate Change

RYDES is a mobility solution provider that offers real benefits for employees and companies while fighting climate change. The platform provides sustainable transportation options, such as e-bikes and electric cars, to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

THE CLIMATE CHOICE: The Software Platform for Decarbonizing Companies

THE CLIMATE CHOICE is a software platform that helps companies and their supply chains to decarbonize their operations. The platform provides real-time data insights, analytics, and sustainability solutions to enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.

Dilecy: Control Your Personal Data with Dilecy

Dilecy offers a software tool that enables people to control their personal data at any company. The platform empowers users to decide what personal data they share, with whom, and for what purpose. With data privacy and security becoming increasingly important, Dilecy is a valuable tool for individuals and companies looking to protect their data.

Mello: The Mobile App for Parent Communities

Mello is a mobile app that helps parents connect and create communities. The platform enables parents to share advice, arrange playdates, and build supportive networks. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Mello has quickly become a popular choice for busy parents.

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BitsForDigits: The Platform for Founders to Sell Stakes

BitsForDigits is a platform that provides a buyouts marketplace free for founders to sell minority and majority stakes. The platform enables founders to raise capital and exit their startups while retaining control and ownership. With its transparent and fair pricing, BitsForDigits is a valuable tool for startups looking to scale and grow.

bluplanet: The Digital Marketplace for Cloud Solutions

bluplanet is the leading digital marketplace and trusted reseller for cloud solutions from Salesforce, AppExchange and beyond. The platform offers a wide range of cloud solutions and services, from CRM to e-commerce, to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.

FinList: The Loan Software for Commercial Real Estate Financing

FinList is a loan software that helps increase the financing probability of commercial real estate financing projects. The platform provides real-time data insights, analytics, and tools to help businesses optimize their loan applications and secure funding. With its user-friendly interface and tailored solutions, FinList is a valuable tool for businesses looking to access capital and grow their operations.

CooperHire: The Candidate-Led Job Marketplace

CooperHire is a candidate-led job marketplace that aims to alleviate the agony and aggravation of looking for a new job. The platform empowers candidates to take control of their job search by creating a profile, highlighting their skills and experience, and applying for relevant jobs. With its unique approach to job search, CooperHire is quickly gaining popularity among job seekers and employers alike.

enclaive: The Solution for Private Cloud Containers

enclaive offers a solution to turn a public cloud into a private cloud with confidence and confidential containers. The platform enables businesses to protect their data and secure their applications by creating a private cloud within a public cloud environment. With its advanced security features and flexible deployment options, enclaive is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their cloud security and compliance.

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Lesan: Instant Language Translation for the Web

Lesan instantly translates languages across the world, so people can read the web and share information in their native language. The platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies to provide accurate and reliable translations in real-time. With its user-friendly interface and multilingual capabilities, Lesan is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to communicate effectively across language barriers.

Zeeg: The Smart Scheduling Infrastructure

Zeeg is a smart scheduling infrastructure that creates a scheduling experience your customers love. The platform enables businesses to automate their scheduling process, reduce no-shows, and improve customer satisfaction. With its flexible and scalable solutions, Zeeg is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.


Berlin’s startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, with a diverse range of internet companies revolutionizing business models and transforming industries. From P2P trading platforms to digital car rentals, from language translation to cloud security, these 15 companies are leading the way in the digital economy, and paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future. With their cutting-edge technologies, user-friendly interfaces, and tailored solutions, these companies are proving that innovation and success go hand in hand.

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