Are Bespoke Assays the Future for Precision Therapeutics in Biopharma Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Intersect Diagnostics focuses on developing proprietary assays using high-parameter spatial discovery technologies and data analytics.
  • The company designs and validates customized, bespoke assays for its biotech and biopharma partners.
  • Intersect Diagnostics runs a Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-compliant laboratory maintaining a robust Quality Management program.
  • The future of precision therapeutics in the biopharma industry might lie in the hands of bespoke assays.

Emerging from the bustling biopharma sector is Intersect Diagnostics, a life science research and development lab based in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Under the leadership of founder Boaz Kurtis, the company commits to advancing biomarker discovery for precision therapeutics. It does this by employing high-parameter spatial discovery technologies and data analytics to develop proprietary assays.

The demand for a centric, patient-specific approach in the field has brought the use of bespoke assays to the forefront. As the healthcare landscape shifts towards precision medicine, it is inevitably starting to ask the question – “Are Bespoke Assays the Future for Precision Therapeutics in Biopharma Industry?”

Set apart by its commitment to offering customized solutions, Intersect Diagnostics provides services for its biotech and biopharma partners by designing and validating bespoke assays. These assays incorporate well-known biomarkers along with novel, understudied ones, providing a unique exploratory tool for the clients.

The company also maintains high standards of operations. Its laboratory operates in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), under a robust Quality Management program. Such practices not only enable regulatory compliance but also ensure consistently high-quality assays, reinforcing the trust of their partners.

Looking forward, Intersect Diagnostics continues to pave the way for breakthroughs in precision therapeutics. As the need for personalized medicine continues to rise, the demand for the unique services of Intersect Diagnostics is likely to increase, leading to the expectation of a prominent role for bespoke assays in the future of the biopharma industry.

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By pulling together life science research, high-parameter spatial discovery technologies, and data analytics under one robust Quality Management program, Intersect Diagnostics showcases the potential of the biotech and biopharma industries. For further exploration and updates about their work, tune into their website and LinkedIn page.

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