Are SaaS Platforms Revolutionising Addressable TV Advertising Industry?

As modernization takes hold, the question arises, “Are SaaS Platforms Revolutionising Addressable TV Advertising Industry?” Spearad, a Frankfurt-based startup positions itself uniquely with an innovative SaaS answer – a multi-format platform for Addressable TV advertising. Catering to media owners globally, Spearad transcends traditional boundaries, spearheading a change in how advertising is sold, delivered, and measured. With the increasing adoption of personalized and IP-based TV, Spearad’s technology marks a shift in the industry, bridging the gap between digital and traditional TV advertising. Founded by Erhard Neumann, Spearad enjoys a strong market presence.

A strategic player in the advertising, SaaS, and software industries, Spearad is rewriting the rules of metrics, monetization, and efficacy. In the digital age where content is consumed on a vast variety of screens, Spearad’s platform has been designed to empower players in the television, OTT/VOD, and Audio businesses in monetizing their toolset, while carefully considering the specifics of audio and television. With subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, and the US, Spearad is expanding its global footprint.

Key takeaways:

  • Spearad is a Frankfurt-based startup operating in the advertising, SaaS, and software industries.
  • Operating a SaaS platform for Addressable TV advertising, Spearad is revolutionizing how advertising is sold, delivered, and measured in the era of personalized and IP-based TV.
  • Provides media owners with the tools to monetize content for various screens.
  • Spearad has a global presence with subsidiaries in Germany, UK and the US.
  • The startup’s ubiquity ensures extensive market acceptance and technological prowess.
  • Founder Erhard Neumann brings deep industry knowledge and leadership.

The wizard behind Spearad’s success is its ability to merge the benefits of digital advertising while respecting the peculiarities of audio and television. Its leadership position in the new-wave of addressable TV advertising stems from its high-standing technological expertise married with an in-depth knowledge of the advertising industry. Founder Erhard Neumann’s industry leadership and influential voice in the advertising space lends Spearad a strong reputation and respected standing.

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With its distinct abilities to monetize content for all screens and change the way advertising is sold, delivered, and measured, Spearad is a game changer. Its future growth will be largely shaped by its deep investment in technology, market understanding and expansive vision.

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