Can Big Data and AI Revolutionise Decision-Making in Agri-Business Industry?

  • Key Takeaways:
    • Parceval offers a unique solution combining data science and agri-business expertise.
    • The startup provides decision-support services for farmers, aiding in optimal farming decisions.
    • Parceval tackles key agricultural issues like yield prediction, nutrient prediction, and selective harvesting.
    • The startup’s future looks promising with cutting-edge solutions for the agri-business industry.

Parceval is a unique startup based in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia poised to revolutionise the agri-business industry. The startup blends data science and agriculture business expertise to create decision-making tools for farmers. Parceval’s innovative approach to agri-business is based around big data and artificial intelligence. By harnessing these technologies, they aim to optimise farmers’ decision-making processes, thereby transforming the future of agriculture.

The company’s mission is to create valuable products for farmers to streamline their work and improve results. The venture offers services such as yield and nutrient prediction maps, and maps for selective harvesting. These products are designed to empower farmers, helping them make informed decisions regarding their production and yielding better results.

The key differential feature of Parceval is their innovative use of big data and artificial intelligence in the agricultural sphere. They are pioneers in offering decision-support services for farmers, leveraging AgTech knowledge from research projects, and implementing them in practical scenarios. By focusing on the development of data-driven solutions for farmland value estimation, yield prediction, and zone management, Parceval remains at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Their active contribution to projects like the H2020 CYBELE, where team members are involved in implementing automatic inference of the nutritional content in soya fields for selective harvesting, speaks volumes about their commitment towards agri-tech solutions.

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The future of Parceval and the industry it operates in seems overwhelmingly positive. The company’s innovative application of data science and AI in agriculture will continue to pave the way for solutions that have a transformative impact on decision-making for farmers. The company’s ongoing projects and research will further refine their products, increasing the convenience and profits for farmers globally.

To stay updated with Parceval’s advancements, check out their website or follow them on their social media platforms.


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