Can Digitalization Propel Italian Wholesale to Global Recognition?

Key Takeaways:

  • Viamadeinitaly is becoming a leading B2B marketplace in Italy, aiming to digitalize the Italian wholesale.
  • The company aims to increase the current 20% of Italian manufacturers who export products by providing a digital platform for global exposure.
  • The startup enables international buyers to source a variety of Italian fashion and design items.
  • With progressive digitalization, Italian wholesale might reach global recognition.

Is digitalization the key to propelling Italian wholesale to global recognition? Viamadeinitaly, a Padova-based startup, seems to be addressing this question head-on. As one of Italy’s leading B2B marketplaces, Viamadeinitaly is revolutionizing the traditional methods of wholesale business by bridging the gap between Italian suppliers and international buyers through an online platform.

Currently, only 20% of Italian manufacturers export their products. The company’s mission is to increase this percentage by promoting and digitalizing the excellence of Made in Italy. In this light, Viamadeinitaly is not only providing a platform but in fact is shaping a fundamental shift in the way Italian wholesale operates and is perceived globally.

What sets Viamadeinitaly apart is its wide coverage of key areas that represent the core of Italian Fashion and Design. From shoes to garments, accessories to leather goods, furniture, and many more, the platform offers an immense variety for international buyers. But more than the variety, it’s the simplification of access to Italian wholesale that sets them apart. By taking products typically found in the physical marketplace to an online platform, the startup is bringing Italian products to global fingertips.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to advance Italian heritage is evident in their Private Label service. This not only promotes Italian artisans but also gives brands, retail shops, and buyers the chance to collaborate with Italian manufacturers for their product needs. This unique network created by Viamadeinitaly, connects Italian tradition with global markets.

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Looking into the future, Viamadeinitaly is up for the untapped potential of the remaining 80% of the Italian manufacturers who are yet to reach international markets. The digital world is an endless frontier especially for traditional industries like Italian wholesale. Through platforms like Viamadeinitaly, the digitalization of Italian wholesale is inevitable.

With the continuous striving for excellence and authenticity in their products, entities like Viamadeinitaly have a promising future as a B2B marketplace. They are perfectly positioned to take Italian wholesale to the next level, shaping a digital era of Italian global presence. To stay updated about their journey, follow Viamadeinitaly on Facebook, LinkedIn and visit their website.

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