Can Mobile Apps Revolutionise On-Demand Health Care Services in Singapore?

Key Takeaways:

  • Theraply is a Mobile App for on-demand health care services in Singapore.
  • Theraply offers a range of services from full body massages to confinement food catering.
  • Labouring to revolutionise the on-demand healthcare service in Singapore.
  • Company’s future growth lies in the ability to leverage digital technology to meet increasing demand.

Can Mobile Apps Revolutionize On-Demand Health Care Services in Singapore? Startup ‘Theraply’ answers this question in the affirmative. Founded by Pauline Ng and Nee Tzer Zhang, Theraply is a mobile and home massage services provider in Singapore that delivers a 5-star massage experience to your home or location. With Theraply, users can easily search and book appointments for various types of therapeutic massages, promoting health, relaxation and recovery right at the comfort of their own homes.

Moving beyond massages, Theraply also serves as a companion for new mothers. They provide confinement food catering for moms recovering at home during the postpartum recovery period. This innovative approach has made Theraply a unique and exciting startup in Singapore’s healthcare industry.

What differentiates Theraply is not just the on-demand massages but also the variety of specialized services they offer. From deep tissue massages, sports massages, to prenatal, postnatal, fertility and lactation massages, and even specific Jamu and Miscarriage massages, Theraply provides a comprehensive suite of services catered for each client’s specific needs. Furthermore, their confinement food catering is designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of new mothers, aiming to aid in their swift and healthy recovery.

Another major differential point for Theraply is their user-friendly mobile app. The app not only helps users to search for specific services near their location but also offers ease of booking, flexibility of timings and options to choose from a variety of service providers, making the entire process convenient and hassle-free for the users.

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Looking into the future, Theraply’s potential growth lies in its ability to leverage digital technology to meet the increasing demand for home-based health and wellness services. As more people appreciate the convenience and comfort of services delivered to their doorstep, coupled with growing emphasis on health and self-care, the demand for services like Theraply is poised to grow manifold.

Ultimately, Theraply is redefining the concept of on-demand healthcare services in Singapore, and possibly setting a benchmark for similar services globally. As health services move out of the confines of traditional settings and into homes, the future of Theraply, and of the industry it operates in, does look promising indeed. To learn more about Theraply, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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